The Supreme Court stops protecting Donald Trump’s tax returns

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The Supreme Court, in compliance with the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation, orders Donald Trump’s accountants at Mazars USA to turn over his taxes and other records to New York prosecutors.

The decision is made just days after news breaks that SCOTUS has failed to act on a grand jury’s subpoena for four months.

For nearly four months, the court has refused to act on emergency filings related to a Manhattan grand jury’s subpoena of Trump tax returns, effectively thwarting part of the investigation.

The Supreme Court’s inaction marks an extraordinary departure from its usual practice of timely responses when the justices are asked to block a lower court decision on an emergency basis and has spurred questions about what is happening behind the scenes.


Whether or not the decision will amount to anything is up in the air. Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance has historically helped Trump, not hurt him.

Vance’s investigation was originally surrounding hush-money payments made to women who claim to have had affairs with Trump, but court filings suggest Vance is also investigating tax and insurance fraud.

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