Donald Trump tricked into meeting a Gorbachev impersonator

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It’s an exciting day for Donald Trump. He’s been trying to meet with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev for years, and now he’s in New York City, standing outside Trump Tower with a camera crew.

Trump rushes from his office to go meet the man he wants to launch a nuclear war with. There’s just one problem. Gorbachev really is in the city, but the man outside Trump Tower is a lookalike.

The stunt was concocted with Maury Povich for a television show, but Trump thinks it’s the real deal. He leaves the building to shake hands with “Gorbachev” and speak to him for just a moment. The exchange might have lasted longer if the sidewalk wasn’t brimming with people hoping to meet the man that’s bringing democracy to Russia.

A New York Times story about the day includes the following paragraph about “uncommon” events:

So a Gorbachev look-alike shook hands with Donald J. Trump in front of Trump Tower. Mrs. Gorbachev decided she wanted to stop by Estee Lauder headquarters today to check out American makeup. A K.G.B. agent prowled the halls of Public School 6. All these uncommon events were taken in sophisticated stride by sophisticated New Yorkers.

The New York Times

These events may be uncommon, but Donald Trump, Estée Lauder, and the KGB are not unrelated. Before the Kremlin invited Trump to Moscow about two years ago, he was sat next to a KGB agent’s father at a luncheon. That luncheon was hosted by Estée Lauder’s son.

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