Trump campaign adviser pleads guilty for lying about Russia contacts

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Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos pleads guilty for lying to the FBI about his communications with Russia during collusion investigations.

Prosecutors charged Papadopoulos with lying to investigators about his conversations with a foreign professor who told him that Russians had thousands of emails containing “dirt” on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to emails obtained by investigators, Papadopoulos was communicating with multiple Russians in an effort to arrange a meeting between the Trump campaign and members of Putin’s office

He told a group of fellow foreign policy advisers and Trump himself during a spring 2016 meeting that he could use his connections to broker a meeting between Trump and Putin…

To that end, Papadopoulos allegedly emailed a Russian with connections to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, forwarding information from the correspondences to a top campaign official not identified in the documents. On numerous occasions, he tried to negotiate a meeting with either Trump or campaign officials and “members of President Putin’s office” as well as the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officials said.

Papadopoulos lied to the investigators by claiming that all of his communications with Russians took place before he was an adviser to the Trump campaign. The emails and Facebook messages obtained by investigators prove he was lying and had fostered these foreign relationships while working for the campaign.

He only serves 12 days in prison.



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