New York opens investigation into Trump Foundation lawbreaking

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New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman announces an investigation into Donald Trump’s use of the Trump Foundation for self-dealing and political contributions, actions that would break New York charity laws.

The announcement comes shortly after revelations that Trump used the foundation to contribute to Pam Bondi’s Florida re-election campaign, along with other illegal expenditures.

In one instance, Trump reportedly spent $20,000 of the charity’s money on a six-foot-tall portrait of himself and another $12,000 on a football helmet autographed by the then quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow. (According to the Post investigation, the current location of both items is unknown, but their purchase would constitute “self-dealing” if they remain in Trump’s possession.) A separate Post report found that a number of charities have no record of receiving donations the Trump Foundation claims to have given them.

Vanity Fair

A spokesperson for Trump claims that the investigation is a biased attack to derail the presidential campaign in support of Hillary Clinton.

Later, in 2019, Trump admits to these allegations and more in a court settlement derived from the investigation.


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