Trump wants to eliminate birthright citizenship before the election

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Sometime in the weeks leading up to the election (date unknown), Donald Trump tries convincing the people around him that he should sign an executive order to repeal birthright citizenship.

Put simply, any child born in the U.S. whose parents are not full citizens would not receive citizenship. They would be what Trump likes to call “illegals.”

This would most likely eliminate citizenship for Americans born to non-citizens before 2020, too, essentially eliminating voting rights for somewhere around 5-10% of (mostly anti-Trump) voters.

Likewise, during the campaign, Attorney General William P. Barr had echoed some of Mr. Trump’s complaints of voter fraud. But privately the president was chafing at Mr. Barr’s resistance to his more authoritarian impulses — including his idea to end birthright citizenship in a legally dubious pre-election executive order. 

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New York Times

7% birthright citizenship statistic

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