Village Voice: Donald Trump is breaking New York voting law

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The Village Voice reports that Donald Trump has spent years violating New York State election laws, in the years he actually votes.

New York law requires that a voter’s registered address is their primary, legal residence. Trump’s voter registration address is his father’s house, but he hasn’t lived there in years. His time is spent between Trump Tower and his mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Reporter William Bastone explains that even though Trump is violating the law, “this kind of deception is so widespread [that] prosecutions are unheard of.”

The Voice‘s research found that Trump has only voted in about a quarter of the elections that have passed since he registered as a Republican in 1969.

According to a study by State Senator Franz Leichter, Trump appears to prefer to vote with his money. The developer has given more money — almost $250,000 — in the past five years to members of the Board of Estimates than any other individual.

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