Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe says Iran & Russia have our voter data

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Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe claims that Russia and Iran have obtained voter registration data to undermine confidence in the election. In Iran’s case, they want to hurt Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

Ratcliffe acknowledges that Russia also received voter data in 2016 (from the Trump Campaign, but he leaves that part out).

Ratcliffe, who appeared with FBI Director Christopher Wray, said that Iran had sent false information to voters, including spoof emails claiming that fraudulent ballots can be sent from overseas.

It’s hard telling if Ratcliffe can be trusted, though. In recent months he’s given the public some significant reasons to see him as a bad actor.

In August, Ratcliffe cancelled all future election security briefings with Congress. In September, he released Russian intel that the Intelligence community had already classified as disinformation for an influence campaign.


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