Donald Trump learns that WikiLeaks has Clinton campaign emails

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Sometime in early August, Roger Stone finds out that WikiLeaks next email drop will be from the account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. He tells Donald Trump and campaign officials to expect a leak related to Podesta.

A Senate investigative committee confirms that the information is shared with Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and likely others. Stone’s intel is believed to come from Council for National Policy member Jerome Corsi.

The Committee could not reliably determine the extent of authentic, non-public knowledge about WikiLeaks that Stone obtained and shared with the Campaign. Corsi made contradictory statements about whether he acquired this information from a source or deduced it on his own. Corsi also coordinated with Stone on a cover story for Stone’s information and deleted communications relating to the issue.

Senate Report, p. 173

On October 7, Stone orders WikiLeaks to release the emails to distract from the Access Hollywood tape.


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