Mike Lindell brings Trump a plan involving martial law, Kashyap Patel, and more

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Mike Lindell is caught on camera outside the White House, holding a plan to install Trump loyalists in the highest positions of U.S. Defense and declare martial law.

Lindell is famous for MyPillow and recent viral videos in which he claims the election was rigged and Trump will stay in office. His company also helped fund the ‘Stop The Steal’ tour.

The document is hard to see, but here are the parts that are clear:

Frank Colon NOW as Acting National Security… him with getting the evidence of ALL the… in the election and all the information regarding… people he knows who already have security… done massive research on these issues… in Fort Mead [sic]. He is an attorney with cyber-… expertise and is up to speed on election issues… Insurrection Act now as a result of the assault on the… martial law if necessary upon the first hint of any… Sidney Powell, Bill Olsen, Kurt Olsen… Move Kash Patel to CIA Acting… of Foreign Interference in the election. Trigger… powers. Make clear this is China/Iran… also used domestic actors. Instruct Frank… evidence on… the more broad… likely amount…

In an interview the next day, Lindell says he was bringing Trump proof of election fraud.

“You know I’ve been looking down every hole for election fraud since November 4th and about eight or nine days ago this proof came out. One-hundred percent footprints from the machines of the machine fraud,” Lindell said. “I wanted to get it to the president. This is it. This shows that Joe Biden lost: 79 million for Donald Trump and 68 million for Joe Biden.”

When asked about the president’s reaction to this Lindell replied, “I said I talked to the guy. This is real. I said it’s got the IP address of the computer that it came out of. It also has the latitude and longitude like over in China this went over there came back and it shows the number of votes flipped. And he was very intrigued looking at it. . . . He goes, yeah like we all knew that right.”

The Bulwark

According to Maggie Haberman at The New York Times, Lindell and Trump were joined by national security adviser Robert O’Brien. Haberman also says part of Lindell’s plan was to have O’Brien and White House counsel Pat Cipollone removed.

A week earlier on January 8, Lindell met with Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell. In a video shared on Twitter, he promised that they would “suppress the evil” and keep Trump in office for four more years.

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