Trump hosts wedding of friend Phil Ruffins and Ukrainian model mistress

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Billionaire casino owner and Donald Trump friend Phil Ruffins marries former Miss Ukraine Oleksandra Nikolayenk at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. Trump is Ruffin’s best man.

Ruffins owns at least 13 hotels and casinos as of 2020, including the Trump International Tower and Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

Before meeting Ruffins, Oleksandra Nikolayenk was the mistress of Nikolai Rudkovsky, a Ukrainian oligarch and political figure who eventually becomes a member of Ukraine’s parliament and the country’s Minister of Transport. He was suspected of trafficking weapons to Albania, Iraq, and other countries in or around the ’90s.

Nikolayenk was born and raised in Mogilevich‘s headquarters, Budapest. She attended school in and worked for a modeling agency in Odessa, the hub of Ukrainian organized crime and the original home of many of Russian/Ukrainian mafia members in the United States.

The modeling agency, Savrox Models, was a frequent target of Peter Listerman, a pimp for wealthy men around the world who would court Russian models for his “VIP escort agency.” He is a known associate of Jeffrey Epstein, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Ghislaine Maxwell’s circle of Russian prostitutes came from Listerman.

Tatiana Savchenko, the owner of Savrox Models, attends the wedding at Mar-a-Lago.

More about Odessa:

The most infamous and well known form of Ukrainian organized crime is the so-called Odessa mafia named after the Black Sea port city of Odessa. Odessa is an infamous smugglers’ haven and a key hub in post-Soviet global trafficking networks… Even in Ukraine’s west, gangs are often closely involved in the lucrative trafficking of heroin, people, and counterfeit cigarettes into Europe, sometimes in cooperation with Russian mafia gangs.

In the United States, the Odessa mafia is based in the Brighton Beach district of Brooklyn, New York. It is regarded as the most powerful post-Soviet criminal organization in the US and has since expanded its operations to Miami, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area, where it has established connections with local Armenian and Israeli crime figures. It’s known for being a very secretive organization and is involved in protection rackets, loan-sharking, murder-for-hire, narcotics trafficking, as well as the infamous fuel tax fraud rackets.


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