NJ official accuses Trump of breaking the law to prevent competition

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James Kennedy, the executive director of New Jersey’s Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, asks the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement to investigate Donald Trump.

Trump, Kennedy says, violated a state law intended to preserve casino competition through his efforts to block construction of a tunnel in Atlantic City. The tunnel would provide for easier transportation between the Atlantic City Expressway and the marina district, where new hotels and casinos are in development.

Donald Trump filed a lawsuit in February to stop the tunnel based on his own allegations that Kennedy’s agency is violating the state Constitution by spending money on projects that aren’t directly intended for the elderly or disabled. Trump has also accused the state of trying to help his rivals.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s office tells the agency not to investigate Trump since his lawsuit is still pending in a federal court. When the case is dismissed, there is still no investigation into Trump.

By the end of July, Trump will have spent over $500,000 fighting the tunnel’s construction.

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