A Senate report links Trump’s businesses to international crime ring

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A U.S. Senate Subcommittee report titled “Asian Organized Crime: The New International Criminal” links Donald Trump’s businesses to organized crime in Asia.

The report identifies Danny Sau Keung Leung, a Trump Taj Mahal executive, as an associate of the 14K Triad, a Hong Kong-based organized crime ring known for murders, extortions, and heroin smuggling. Leung provides complimentary Trump Taj Mahal hotel rooms and show tickets to his associates. Canada officials had already identified Leung as an associate of the 4K Triad’s operations in Toronto.

Raymond Miu, another criminal and friend of Leung, has a contract with Trump Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal is not the only Trump business mentioned in the report. Another Asian criminal, Peter Lee aka Lee Tong, was previously hired for an event at Trump Castle.

Peter Chan was convicted of a scheme involving kickbacks to Trump Castle executives. One executive, Willard “Bucky” Howard, was moved to Trump Taj Mahal after the kickbacks were discovered by authorities. He’s responsible for bringing Leung to the company.

In May 1996, Chan was involved in a show at Trump Castle through a company owned by Vincent Jew, the former head of the Wah Ching Gang.



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