Donald Trump tries forcing a 74-year-old woman to live on the streets

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Donald Trump tells The Washington Post that he’s still trying to evict a woman who is unable to pay for her rent-controlled apartment.

Suzanne Blackmer is a 74-year-old former actress who lost everything but her apartment when her family’s 150-year-old home burnt down. She has lived full time at Trump Parc East for the past three years.

Blackmer’s rent is about $203/month. Trump claims to be worth $3,000,000,000.

Trump alleges that she still lives in the torched North Carolina home and can’t pay her rent because she goes on shopping sprees.

Blackmer tells the Post that Donald Trump “wants to buy up all of New York. The man is a greedy slob.”

The date for this post is based on the date of the article, not the date Trump began the eviction process.

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