Donald Trump starts brainstorming the Patriot Party, a GOP rival

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Sometime between January 11 and January 15, Donald Trump begins talking to aides and allies about forming a new major political party. He wants to call it the Patriot Party.

New York Magazine columnist Eric Levitz believes that Trump is too lazy to do all the work that would be required in forming a new political party, but he does believe that the former president and his “most crackbrained supporters” could nonetheless make life miserable for Republicans.

“He could devastate the party of his betrayers without breaking a sweat: If Trump told his voters to sit out the 2024 election to punish Republicans for treating him unfairly, all available evidence suggests he could demobilize enough of the GOP base to render victory impossible,” he writes. “And Trump has often displayed greater wrath toward his turncoats than he has toward his known enemies.”


A Patriot Party has existed in the U.S. before, but it was a socialist party. More recently, a second Patriot Party that never came to fruition called for legislation based primarily on science. Trump’s Patriot Party would be wildly different considering his presidency.


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