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Rudy Giuliani tweets a screenshot of his text messages with Proud Boys member James Sullivan. The tweet is either deleted or removed by Twitter.

Giuliani presents the screenshot as some form of proof that the government is wrongfully targeting Trump supporters for the Capitol attack. It’s only proof that an attorney to the most powerful man in the world is working with members of a white nationalist militia.

Why wasn’t this presented to the witch Hunt Impeachment Congress. Because they have no interest in the truth that riots had nothing to do with the Trump speech. They were organized before speech and carried out on their own by groups like ANTIFA trained to riot.

Giuliani, tweeted with the below image

Sullivan’s text to Giuliani claims he is working with the FBI to “place total blame” on his brother, John Sullivan. There’s no proof to back up this claim, though.

John Sullivan has been portrayed by right-wing media as a prominent member of Black Lives Matter and Antifa despite his local activist groups identifying him as a bad faith actor. The FBI has submitted in court that he actively participated in the coup attempt at the Capitol.

In an extensive Twitter thread from November of 2020, Rebellion Baby, a left-wing activist group, asserted that Sullivan engaged in “alarming behaviors including grifting/profiteering, self-promotion/clout chasing, sabotage of community actions, threats of violence, and — maybe most disturbingly — ties to the far-right.”

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