Donald Trump tweets new election conspiracy from a ghost hunting truck driver

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Donald Trump tweets out an election fraud claim that a truck driver had delivered thousands of illegal ballots to Pennsylvania from New York. The conspiracy was debunked before his tweet, and he knew it.

A truck driver on contract with the Postal Service was claiming that he had delivered many thousands of illegally filled-out ballots to Pennsylvania from a depot on Long Island.

Federal investigators had determined that that one, too, was bunk. Court records showed that the driver had a history of legal problems, had been involuntarily committed to mental institutions several times and had a sideline as a ghost hunter, The York Daily Record reported…

The president tweeted out the truck driver’s account, which quickly gained 154,000 mentions on Twitter, according to an analysis by Zignal Labs. The driver would appear on Newsmax, Mr. Bannon’s “War Room” and “Hannity,” among the most-watched programs on cable

The conspiracy gains so much traction that it is included in a lawsuit asking the courts to throw out all votes in Pennsylvania.


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