Trump sends Taj Mahal exec. to defend transnational crime member

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Today, New Jersey’s Casino Control Commission begins a three-day hearing to decide whether Trump Taj Mahal executive and transnational organized crime figure Danny Sau Keung Leung can continue working in Atlantic City casinos. Donald Trump sends another Taj executive to defend him.

Donald Trump has employed a known Asian organized crime figure at his Taj Mahal casino for five years and is defending him against attempts to yank his license, law enforcement officials say… Trump is not himself scheduled to testify on Leung’s behalf at the hearing, but he is sending Taj President Dennis Gomes to do that.

New York Daily News

The commission’s Division of Gaming Enforcement recently obtained evidence that Leung “flew in 16 Italian organized crime figures from Canada who stole more than $1 million from the casino in a credit scam. The incident was never reported because Trump never filed charges.”

Law enforcement officers in Canada tracked Leung’s movements in the ’80s and witnessed interactions with mafia figures based in both Canada and the United States. Three years ago, the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations for Governmental Affairs identified Leung as a member of the Hong Kong-based 14K triad.

The 14K triad comprises over 30 subgroups which include an estimated membership of over 20,000…. The 14K engages in a variety of criminal activities including heroin trafficking, alien smuggling; and counterfeit credit card manufacturing, and has connections in the United States for all of these purposes….

Danny Leung is an associate of the 14K Triad. He was formerly a business partner with Eddie Louie, a 14K Triad member and the brother of Nicky Louie, aka Louie yin Poy, a former leader of the Ghost Shadows Gang. Leung has also given complimentary tickets for hotel rooms and Asian shows to numerous members and associates of Asian organized crime. Law enforcement sources indicate that Leung also has a business relationship with Raymond Miu, the promoter who operates Raymond Miu Productions, the exclusive promoter of Asian entertainment at the Taj Mahal Casino.

Senate Subcommittee on Investigations

Despite all of this, Leung’s “key employee license” from the Casino Control Commission remains active until 2013.

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