Canada tails future Taj Mahal exec, transnational crime member

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Sometime in 1984, Canadian law enforcement identify Danny Sau Keung Leung as “a major player in Toronto organized crime.” Leung goes on to work for Trump at the Taj Mahal. 

Police in Toronto have seen Leung in illegal gambling dens in the city, accompanied by Eddie Louie, the brother of Nicky Louie who leads New York City’s Ghost Shadow gang.

In 1985, officers snap photos of Leung at the opening of his Toronto travel agency with Clifford Wong and Herbert Liu, figures in New York’s Tung On gang and Chinatown’s organized crime.

Leung becomes the Trump Taj Mahal’s VP of Foreign Marketing in April 1990 and brings his criminal associates with him.

According to evidence filed by the [New Jersey Casino Control] commission’s Division of Gaming Enforcement, he flew in 16 Italian organized crime figures from Canada who stole more than $1 million from the casino in a credit scam. The incident was never reported because Trump never filed charges.

New York Daily News

Read more about Danny Sau Keung Leung when the Senate identifies his links to the 14k Triad.

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New York Daily News (Archived)

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