Comey drops Mogilevich from FBI list, breaking Mueller’s promise

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James Comey removes Semion Mogilevich from the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list and replaces him with a two-time bank robber. This is only the seventh time in over 60 years that someone has been removed from the list without death, capture, or charges being dismissed.

According to the FBI, Mogilevich is wanted for being part of a stock manipulation scheme that stole around $150 million from thousands of investors. That neglects to mention his international crime ring that does business in sex trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, contract murders, and government takeovers — crimes the FBI reported in 2009.

In a statement in December 2015, the FBI adds that they know Mogilevich’s whereabouts but can’t do anything to bring him in.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller promised in a 2011 speech that Mogilevich would never be removed from the list unless he was captured.

Last year, we set up two units, called Threat Focus Cells, to target Eurasian organized crime. The first focuses on the Semion Mogilevich Organization; the second on the Brother’s Circle enterprise. 

For those of you not familiar with either group, their memberships are large, their reach is global, and their scope of operations is broad, from weapons and drug trafficking to high-stakes fraud and global prostitution. If left unchecked, the resulting impact to our economy and our security will be significant. Indeed, Semion Mogilevich is on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted List, and he will remain so until he is captured. 

Robert Mueller

As documented on Trump File, the Semion Mogilevich Organization has been connected to Donald Trump and his properties for over 30 years. Why is he removed from the list after pro-Russia Trump enters the race and while a country deeply controlled by Mogilevich is infecting our government institutions, federal agents, computer systems, and media?

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