Trump Admin buys 3.5 million contaminated COVID-19 tests from Abu Dhabi

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On March 31, a shipment containing 3.5 million Chinese-made coronavirus tests arrives in Washington, D.C. from Abu Dhabi, purchased by the White House. There are four big problems here.

  1. The tests are contaminated and unusable.
  2. The purchase isn’t registered in any government database.
  3. No one knows who in the White House ordered the purchase.
  4. The tests were never paid for (as of June 2020).

The million tests, some of which were distributed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to several states, were of no help. According to documents obtained by Vanity Fair, they were examined in two separate government laboratories and found to be “contaminated and unusable.”

The investigative journalists who track down this information in July cannot determine who made the unauthorized purchase, but they did find out that Jared Kushner was secretly in charge of a task force to “ramp up” coronavirus testing, which was later abandoned.


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