The Justice Dept. becomes Trump’s personal legal team

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Attorney General William Barr uses the Justice Department to take on a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.

Barr’s decision comes not long after Trump’s personal legal team tried to argue that the case should be delayed because they’re running out of money. The judge denied the request.

E. Jean Carrol revealed in a book last year that Donald Trump (allegedly) raped her in a department store fitting room in the 1990s. She wasn’t taking him to court, until he called her a liar, questioned her credibility publicly, and otherwise attacked her personally. He also claims he couldn’t have raped her because, “she’s not my type.”

Trump’s attacks on Carrol caused her to lose her job and have trouble finding a new one, so Carrol filed a defamation lawsuit.

The real reason they wanted it delayed is because, as part of the defamation suit, E. Jean Carroll has to have access to Donald Trump’s DNA. See, she still has the outfit that she was wearing when the alleged assault took place, and it has DNA from the assaulter. So, if they’re able to match Donald Trump’s DNA to the DNA on her outfit, that proves her right, and that proves he did in fact defame her. That’s kind of what the whole case hinges on…

This move by the DOJ is unprecedented. This is not something that we see happen in the United States, ever. But William Barr is out there trying to argue publicly that Donald Trump was acting as president when he defamed her and that’s why the DOJ should be in charge of the case…

It’s not an overstatement to say that this agency essentially controls the law in this country. If they want something to go a certain way, there’s a good chance it’s going to go that way.

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