Trump: Bill Clinton’s only mistake was choosing Monica

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During an interview with The New York Times shortly before September 25, Donald Trump says that Bill Clinton sleeping with Monica Lewinsky was a disaster… because he could have chosen someone hotter.

”It was his choice,” Mr. Trump said. ”It was Monica! I mean, terrible choice.” Mr. Trump, who showed off fashion magazines displaying cover art of the latest in a line of models he has dated, suggested that if Mr. Clinton had confessed an improper relationship (Mr. Trump offered a more earthy phrase to get the idea across) with a supermodel, as opposed to a White House intern, ”he would have been everybody’s hero.”

The New York Times

Trump also tells journalist Adam Nagourney that he’ll only run for president if he can win. He pulls out a rigged poll to suggest now’s the time.

Read more from the interview here.

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The New York Times (Archived)

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