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Donald Trump announces that he’s created a presidential exploratory committee and would like Oprah Winfrey to be his running mate. Soon after, he begins a campaign managed by Roger Stone. Trump runs as a member of the Reform Party.

He releases a book of his policy proposals, including single-payer health care (Medicare For All, Bernie Sanders’ platform in 2020) and a one-time 14.25% wealth tax on the net worth of all Americans who possess more than $10 million. In interviews, Trump says he supports gun ownership but doesn’t completely support the National Rifle Association (NRA).

After numerous TV interviews, a handful of campaign events, and qualifying for two Reform Party primaries, Trump and Stone withdraw from the election in February 2000. Trump wins both primaries despite not being in the race, but he never polls higher than seven percent when compared to candidates across the two major parties.

In 2004, Trump tells Playboy Magazine that he ended his campaign so early because he didn’t like the party.

I decided I didn’t want to run primarily because I would have had to do it on the Reform Party ticket, and I thought the Reform Party was a total disaster. You would go to a meeting, there would be fistfights, and it was ridiculous. So that wasn’t for me.

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