Epstein & Maxwell traffic Florida mom, threaten to feed her to alligators

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The following events are alleged by the victim.

Sometime in January, Ghislaine Maxwell invites 26-year-old Jane Doe to Jeffrey Epstein’s home to cut his hair and let him pitch her a job. But when she arrives, Epstein is naked. Within moments, he’s on top of her, assaulting her, while Maxwell holds her down.

Jane tells the couple that she’s going to report the rape to the police, but Maxwell says she’ll call the police herself. Two people claiming to be officers show up soon after. Instead of arresting Epstein and Maxwell, they threaten to arrest Jane for prostitution and take away her son.

When the assumed officers leave, Maxwell and Epstein force Jane to drive them, in her vehicle, to pick up her young son and take them to a hotel two hours away. On the way there, they tell her to stop the car beside a large body of water that’s “infested” with alligators. Epstein drags Jane from the car to the water and tells her that — if she ever reveals what he’s done to her — he’ll feed her to the alligators like the girls who came before her.

At the hotel, Epstein and Maxwell rape her again and force her son to watch.

Over the next five months, they continue to rape and assault Jane Doe and force her to have sex with their associates. She is sometimes forced to pose naked and perform sexual acts on film. One of her abusers is a “heavy set older man” named Walter. Another is a local judge. Epstein makes Jane lie about her age and say she’s 17 when she’s with her other abusers.

Like other women who come forward in the future, Jane is also compelled to take part in procuring and trafficking new victims for Epstein — including minors.

The abuse gets worse over time. Epstein and his friends subject her to unwanted surgery and mutilate her most sensitive body parts to make her more appealing to their criminal rapist clientele.

In approximately early May 2008, in a particularly appalling act of savagery, Epstein forced Plaintiff to submit to unwanted and unnecessary vaginal surgery, performed, as best Plaintiff can recall, in a wealthy person’s home by a man with a Russian accent, for the ostensible purpose of tightening her vagina and creating the false impression that she was a virgin for a ‘high profile’ client.

Jane Doe’s lawsuit

During these five months of abuse and torture, Epstein and Maxwell suggest that they can provide work for Jane and her husband within the FBI — assuming, of course, that she doesn’t turn on them.

Epstein, Maxwell, and their associates often tell her that they have influence over the FBI, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), Florida law enforcement, and other people in positions of power. The claims serve a dual purpose. Such influence means they really can help Jane and her husband find employment, but it also means they have the power to have her prosecuted as a prostitute, to take her son away, to destroy her marriage, to have her and her family deported, etc.

Not long after this, authorities arrest Jeffrey Epstein, but prosecutors go easy on him because he “belongs to intelligence.”

Jane Doe, a real estate broker, was introduced to the couple last year by her boss. Epstein wanted to rent property, and he needed someone who wouldn’t process his ID or other information. They cut a deal, with Epstein renting an undisclosed property for $10,000 per month, in cash. The payments were given to Jane.

Maxwell’s recruitment of Jane began around this time. Maxwell sent Jane expensive gifts and promised that Epstein would further her career if she went to work for him.

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