Trump pressures new Acting A.G. Jeffrey Rosen to overturn election results

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Just one day after Donald Trump announced William Barr’s resignation, he demands that Barr’s successor do what Barr wouldn’t: help undo the 2020 election.

Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen will not formally take over for Barr until December 23, but that doesn’t stop Trump from calling him to his office.

Trump tells Rosen to use the Justice Department to file legal briefs supporting election fraud lawsuits and to appoint special counsels to investigate voter fraud and Dominion voting machines. (A few days later, Trump discusses making Sidney Powell the special counsel.)

Mr. Rosen refused. He maintained that he would make decisions based on the facts and the law, and he reiterated what Mr. Barr had privately told Mr. Trump: The department had investigated voting irregularities and found no evidence of widespread fraud.

But Mr. Trump continued to press Mr. Rosen after the meeting — in phone calls and in person. He repeatedly said that he did not understand why the Justice Department had not found evidence that supported conspiracy theories about the election that some of his personal lawyers had espoused. He declared that the department was not fighting hard enough for him.

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Around this same time, a Pennsylvania lawmaker Scott Perry introduced Trump to an attorney named Jeffrey Clark. Unlike Rosen, Clark believes Trump won the election. Rosen doesn’t know that Clark is on the top of Trump’s list to take over at the DOJ is Rosen won’t meet his demands.


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