Biden wins again; William Barr officially leaving DOJ

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Less than an hour after the electoral college solidifies Joe Biden’s win, Donald Trump announces on Twitter that Attorney General William Barr will be leaving his position on December 23.

Jeffrey Rosen will be promoted to Acting Attorney General. Rosen is a Paul Manafort lackey who helped Manafort avoid time at Rikers Island.

Richard Donoghue will take over Rosen’s job as Deputy AG. He previously served as deputy to Rosen.

In his resignation letter, Barr bashes Democrats, repeats disproven claims that Russian collusion was a hoax, and boasts Trump’s time as president. (Note: It’s unclear if the resignation was his decision or not, as the letter was written after a meeting with Trump.)

The letter painting Trump as a winning president says everything you would expect from the man who once said that “history is written by the winners” when asked how history would remember him.


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