Access Hollywood tape leaks, Roger Stone orders WikiLeaks to drop more emails

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After the Russia news breaks, the infamous Access Hollywood (a.k.a. “grab ’em by the p—y”) tape hits every major news outlet, but the news cycle can’t even get a couple hours to report on it before WikiLeaks drops more emails.

According to a Senate intelligence report, the Trump campaign knew the tape was about to go public, so Roger Stone ordered the email leak.

At approximately 4 p.m. on October 7, The Washington Post released the Access Hollywood tape. Witnesses involved in Trump’s debate preparation recalled that the team first heard of the tape about an hour prior to its public release. According to [Council for National Policy member] Jerome Corsi, however, news of the release also made its way to Roger Stone. Corsi and Stone spoke twice that day at length…

Corsi recalled learning from Stone that the Access Hollywood tape would be coming out, and that Stone “[w]anted the Podesta stuff to balance the news cycle” either “right then or at least coincident.” According to Corsi, Stone also told him to have WikiLeaks “drop the Podesta
emails immediately.”

Senate Report, pages 249 – 250

The new batch of emails, which are leaked in chunks throughout the day, belong to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and were illegally obtained by Guccifer 2.0 / DCLeaks / the Russian intelligence officers pretending to be from the U.S. and Romania.

The publications sparked a media stampede as they were doled out one batch at a time, with many news organizations tasking reporters with scrolling through the thousands of emails being released in tranches. At the AP alone, as many as 30 journalists were assigned, at various times, to go through the material.

Associated Press

WikiLeaks continues to release stolen emails everyday or almost everyday leading up to the election, with correspondence from the Trump campaign.

The Trump Campaign strategically monitored and promoted the WikiLeaks releases of John Podesta’s emails from October 7 until the· election. The Campaign tried to cast doubt on the October 7 joint DHS/ODNT assessment formally attributing the activity to Russia, and was indifferent to the significance of acquiring, promoting, or disseminating materials from a Russian intelligence services hack-and-leak campaign.

Senate Committee


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