Carl Icahn’s Trump Taj Mahal closes for good, less than a year after he bought it

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Corporate raider Carl Icahn does it again; Trump Taj Mahal couldn’t escape closure for longer than seven and a half months after Icahn purchased it. The casino closes on October 10, 2016.

Icahn purchased Trump Entertainment Resorts to save the Trump Taj Mahal from bankruptcy in February.

In 2014, he spent $20 million to keep it afloat.

Casino workers in Atlantic City went on strike in July. Most of the casinos met the union’s demands, but not Trump Taj Mahal.

Anyone who knows Icahn’s history wouldn’t be surprised at his inability to meet workers’ demands. In 1985 when flight attendants at an airline he purchased (and destroyed) demanded higher wages, he said being poor is their own fault for not marrying wealthy partners.


Photo: Shinya Suzuki

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