Trump: America needs me to work with Russia, I want the Christians

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In an interview with Business Insider about his presidential exploratory committee, Donald Trump says that he has the skills America needs to work with Russia.

I’ve done so many things and so many deals. I’ve had such success and a lot of people may view that not as positive as it should be viewed. But that’s the kind of mind that you need when you’re negotiating with Russia.

Donald J. Trump

Trump also compliments Ted Cruz for appealing to “the religious right” — not because Trump believes in Christian values but because the base holds value.

“I think it’s a great base, certainly a base that should be thought of very highly,” Trump said of conservative Christians. “It’s certainly something that a lot of people are going after.”

Business Insider

The interview wraps up with Trump saying he doesn’t think he could accept an offer to run as another candidate’s vice president because being in someone else’s shadow “would be very difficult.”

Note: For some reason, this Business Insider article claims that Donald Trump announced his presidential exploratory committee yesterday. Trump announced the committee in March.

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