Anthony Scaramucci warns that Trump is a threat to the nation, endorses Biden

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Ahead of the Republican National Convention, former Trump Administration official Anthony Scaramucci warns that Donald Trump is a threat to the future of our nation.

Scaramucci served as White House Communications Director for less than two weeks in 2017.

Anthony Scaramucci:

The man my fellow Republicans are supporting is a great danger to the Republic that we love and to the Constitution that our elected officials have sworn to uphold. I have apologized for my support of this man. I understand why others, despite their conscience, have decided to stay with the president.

There are many people that won’t be swayed. He can subvert the criminal justice system, fracture the institutions of our democracy, disavow our allies, and praise dictators. He has disrespected the science and questioned the reality of a pandemic that has led to an economic crisis.

As Commander In Chief, he directed our military to tear gas our fellow citizens who were peacefully protesting. He can lash out on Twitter. He can bully the press. He can twist and pervert the presidency and the Republican party for his and his family’s gain. And yet despite all of this, he has ardent support.

The lies we tell ourselves in the face of demagoguery — they’re understandable. Throughout history, demagogues have used fear, intimidation, bullying, and violence to scare dissidents and assure their supporters that they are fighting for them, using deception. It can be intimidating, especially when it is the person holding the most powerful office in the world….

Yesterday, the RNC declined to publish a party platform for the convention. The president killed the spirit of debate and inclusion in favor of a party of one. What can be more un-American than that? We do things together in America.

He secretly laughs to himself about all that he’s getting away with. He has subverted and disfigured the party, recasting it in his own dystopian and dark image. This vision is consistent with the American nativists and racists of the past. He wants an America disengaged from the world and one that doesn’t support its allies….

This type of approach will hurt our global reputation and continue to cripple our economy. And in a cruel twist of fate, it will hurt worst for the many of the people in the American heartland who helped to elect him.

The United States is better than this. We must reject this sort of cynicism and give our country and party time to heal. Four more years under President Trump, and we will enter an American winter, which is the future if we re-elect a man who lacks managerial and executive leadership skills.

The Trumpian style of dividing and ridiculing, the strategy of separating us from each other, and to foment hatred and xenophobia will become a staple in American politics. We must reject this.

Republicans need a new vision. We need to stand for creating a platform of equal opportunity regardless of birth or family of origin. We need bold initiatives on education and healthcare and infrastructure, and we need jobs training to spur the reallocation of capital back into our country. We need to reenergize the alliances with peace-seeking democracies. Our problems have been made by people, and therefore they can be fixed by people. The Republican party can be the beacon for the country, but not under President Trump….

Vice President Biden’s assent to the presidency would trigger that renewal in our party, putting an end to demagogue and Trumpism. Vice President Biden isn’t a Republican, but he is closer to what we all stand for in terms of our decency and kindness. He has the self-confidence to delegate and not make his administration a one man show. Put simply, a vote for Joe Biden will save the Republican party….


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