McConnell gives Trump his blessing to take the election to court

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Following a private meeting with Attorney General William Barr, Sen. Mitch McConnell holds a press conference to give his support to Donald Trump.

McConnell says that Trump is “100 percent within his rights” to pursue legal actions against voter fraud, for which there is no evidence. McConnell does not provide evidence, either. He seems to believe that Trump losing could be voter fraud despite Republicans (including himself) winning re-election.

Trump and his campaign have offered no evidence to back up their baseless claims, and state and local officials from both parties have rejected the accusations from the president and his supporters. McConnell, later pressed by reporters, declined to answer when asked to produce evidence of fraud that would overturn the election results…

[Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer called the unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud “extremely dangerous” and “extremely poisonous to our democracy.”

“As in any campaign, the president has a right to bring legal challenges or request recounts where state law allows,” Schumer said. “However, there is no legal right to file frivolous claims. Lawsuits must have basis in facts and evidence. And make no mistake: There has been no evidence of any significant or widespread voter fraud. Joe Biden won this election fair and square.”

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