Trump supporter opens fire on Portland federal courthouse

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39-year-old Cody Melby opens fire on a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon. No one is injured.

Melby’s attack was provoked by the GOP’s narrative of election fraud. He was previously arrested at a Stop The Steal rally for trying to illegally enter the Oregon State House with a loaded weapon.

On his YouTube channel, Melby says QAnon is real and that he knows because he “works” with them.

“Deep state, the communists, the Marxists, whoever the fuck you are, we’re going to begin hunting you tonight,” Melby says in the video. “Hunting you, because we hunt at night. We’ll be dressed like you, because we’re doctors, nurses, we’re business owners, we’re dads, we’re moms. You are not safe from us.”



Photo: Anthony Crider (Cropped)

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