Domestic terrorists attempt to attack Pennsylvania vote counters

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QAnon supporters arrive in Pennsylvania from out of state. The men are armed and planning an attack on the Philadelphia Convention Center, where votes are still being counted. Pennsylvania is one of the states Donald Trump claims is counting illegal votes.

Police, tipped off by someone earlier in the evening, locate the abandoned vehicle and find the men minutes later.

The investigation is still ongoing at the time of this writing.

The vehicle had a window sticker and a hat with the logo for the internet group QAnon, which is known for spreading conspiracy theories. The FBI has labeled them a domestic terror threat.

At least 24 congressional candidates in this current election have endorsed or given credit to conspiracy theories promoted by the group.

ABC 6 Action News

Q, most likely a man named Jim Watkins posing as an anonymous government agent, claims that Donald Trump is secretly fighting the deep state. That’s the most sane sounding of the conspiracy theories pushed by QAnon.

QAnon supporters have been breaking down online after the events Q promised on election day (a clear win for Donald Trump, arrests of Trump critics and political opponents, etc.) didn’t come to fruition.

Q has not posted since election day. It’s driving followers nuts. They were told to trust the plan for three years and some are starting to realize there isn’t one. They want guidance or an explanation and it hasn’t come yet. Others are embedding themselves further into the lie.

Ben Collins, NBC News


Photo: Wesley Tingey

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