Trump Campaign sues to stop vote counting in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania

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Throughout the afternoon and evening, the Trump Campaign files lawsuits to stop vote counting in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

In Georgia, the lawsuit demands that any absentee ballots received after 7 p.m. local time on election day are discarded. The campaign alleges that at least 50 ballots that arrived late were counted as valid votes.

That case is dismissed the next day because there is zero evidence to support the allegations.

In Michigan, the lawsuit demands that all counting of absentee ballots is halted until the state allows the campaign to personally verify votes as they’re counted.

That case is dismissed the next day, as all absentee ballots have already been counted.

In Pennsylvania, the lawsuit claims that vote counters aren’t allowing GOP observers to get close enough to the ballots to confirm signatures or valid voter addresses. Another lawsuit demands that absentee ballots arriving by mail after Tuesday should not be counted.

A judge rules against the Trump Campaign, stating that observers are meant to observe, not audit. An appeals court sides with the Trump Campaign, though.

Trump scored one legal victory as intermediate state appeals court on Thursday granted more access to party and candidate observers, allowing them to get closer — 6 feet away — to election workers processing mail-in ballots in Philadelphia.

The city filed an appeal with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, citing concerns over worker safety and the potential for intimidation.

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Around 8 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, a federal judge in Pennsylvania denied the Trump Campaign’s motion to stop the vote count.


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