Michael Caputo’s HHS adviser: We need to make parents afraid of masks

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Paul Alexander, the Health & Human Services science adviser appointed by Russian agent Michael Caputo, tells Trump adviser Scott Atlas that the president needs more op-eds to create fear around masks and lockdowns.

Today’s email to Atlas is one of a handful, at least.

Alexander, Atlas and others also repeatedly drafted op-eds intended to provide an alternative message to government scientists’ warnings, including five possible op-eds detailed in emails obtained by the subcommittee.

One email from Alexander to Atlas on Sept. 3 proposed an “op-ed on possible damage to children immune systems with lock downs and masks,” arguing to Atlas that “I do think locking down our kids (and healthy adults) and masking them can dampen their functional immune systems.”

Scientists have said there is no evidence that wearing masks harms the development of children’s immune systems.

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Trump added Atlas to his White House team last month after seeing him on Fox News. Trump and the people around him wanted an adviser who would contradict statements by government scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

After the election, Atlas tells Trump supporters they must “rise up” against lockdowns and COVID-19 precautions in Michigan.

When Trump appointed Michael Caputo to the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the Roger Stone protégé and Putin agent handpicked Paul Alexander as his science adviser.

They’ve been at this since May, just a few months after Caputo finished a documentary to push Russian propaganda for the purpose of interfering in the election and US foreign policy.

Before Caputo brought him to HHS, Alexander was an unpaid, part-time health professor at Canada’s McMaster University. He is not a physician.

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