Donald Trump names Fox News contributor as new COVID-19 adviser

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Dr. Scott Atlas, an anti-lockdown Fox News contributor, joins the White House as an adviser to Donald Trump on matters related to the COVID-19 pandemic. He is a radiologist, not a specialist in public health or infectious diseases.

Atlas has spent the year appearing on right-wing shows to advocate against state lockdowns to stop the spread of coronavirus. He appeared 20 times on Fox News between the end of April and throughout August.

In March, he predicted that there would be 10,000 deaths from COVID, in the end. Only 10,000. In April, he said that the pandemic appears to be entering the containment phase. In May, he said the curves have been flattened. More recently, he’s been telling people that we should totally reopen schools because kids don’t spread coronavirus to their parents, which is as wrong as all of his previous predictions.

But in America, particularly in D.C., nothing moves you up like being wrong. He’s now one of the top medical advisers to the president despite having no expertise in infectious diseases and a track record of being as wrong on the pandemic as like Navarro and Mnuchin have been on the economy.

John Iadarola, The Damage Report


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