Trump removes American troops as Russia & China infiltrate Germany

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Less than a week after Donald Trump spoke on the phone with Vladimir Putin, Trump orders almost 12,000 American troops to leave Germany, a decision that is estimated to cost taxpayers $1 billion to $10 billion. The move raises flags that Trump’s intention is to assist Russia and China’s takeover of Germany.

“Germany’s delinquent, they haven’t paid their NATO fees,” Trump said, repeating a factually incorrect talking point used frequently in his administration. Berlin has long failed to meet the alliance’s target for defense spending—2 percent of GDP—but is not behind on any payments, such as headquarters fees, contributed by member states.

The administration’s decision also puts a cap on how many troops the U.S. is allowed to have in Germany to assist against Russian aggression in Europe.

Russia has already infiltrated Germany’s political environment while its Chinese allies have infiltrated the country’s corporations. The influence of Russia and China in Germany is so severe that a study released a day before Trump’s order warns that we are at the beginning of a new Cold War.

“Russia’s activities are largely political, attempting to undermine public confidence in democratic institutions. China’s have been focused mainly on economic assets.”

“Germany is on the frontline of a new Cold War,” according to the study, entitled Russia And China In Germany.

“The country faces a series of political and economic-based hazards emanating from China.”

“(Germany) faces different dangers from Russia, revolving mainly around cyber security, but by no means confined to that. And with President Donald Trump well into his fourth year as president, it no longer feels it can rely on the US to underpin its security,” the report said.

“Russia has used German political parties to further its strategic goals. Support for the two extremes – Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) on the right and Die Linke on the left… have steadily grown in support and influence throughout Germany.”



Photograph: State Department / Public Domain

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