Stop The Steal launches website for Capitol event on January 6

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On or before December 23, organizers for “Stop The Steal” launch to direct Trump supporters to the Capitol after his speech on January 6. The website comes just days after Donald Trump tweeted about the event, saying it will be wild.

The website includes a form to sign up for text and email updates, a statement about the protest (below), a video from Stop The Steal creator Ali Alexander (which has since been deleted), a map of the area around the Capitol, and a list of event speakers and guests. There is also a link to another website where Trump supporters can help each other find rides to DC. That website is still active as I’m writing this on January 12, 2021.

We the People must take to the US Capitol lawn and steps and tell Congress #DoNotCertify on #JAN6! Congress cannot certify this fraudulent Electoral College. Our presence in Washington D.C. will let Members of Congress know that we stand with Rep. Mo Brooks and his colleagues in the House of Representatives who will bravely object to the certification of the Electoral College. We’re in need of at least one Senator. We’ve identified six (seven including Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville) that could join our cause. is working closely, whipping the vote up, with patriots in the Congress.

The guest list includes popular MAGA figures like criminal political operative Roger Stone, QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene, and high school dropout Lauren Boebert.

Other speakers listed on the website but not pictured above include Brandon Straka, Eugene Yu, State Sen. Doug Mastriano, State Rep. Anthony Kern, Ed Martin, Joe Flynn, Shemeka Michelle, Rose Tennent, Michael Coudrey, Alex Bruesewitz, Kimberly Fletcher, Melissa Tate, Megan Barth, Courtney Holland, Ian Smith, Matt Couch, John Schlafly, Jim Hoft, Maggie VandenBerghe, Austen Fletcher, Rogan O’Handley, Andrew Pollack, Ricky Rebel, Lucian Wintrich, Jason Jones, Rob Weaver, Arina Grossu, Tim Canova, Sabo, Rep. Ted Budd, Ryan Fournier, Pastor Darrell Scott, Abby Johnson, Lance Wallnau, and Chandler Crump.

The list of speakers are for an event on January 5 at Freedom Plaza, but the website gives the impression that they, too, will be at the Capitol. goes offline within 48 hours of the attack on the Capitol.



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