Putin sends a letter to Donald Trump Jr., for his father, through Emin Agalrov

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Emin Agalarov, the pop star son of the family that co-organized the Miss Universe event in Moscow, sends an email to Donald Trump Jr. with an attached letter from Vladimir Putin.

Translated to English, the letter reads:

Dear Mr. TRUmp, I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues on successfully holding the Miss Universe contest in Moscow. I hope that all the participants in this remarkable event will go home with good memories of their visit to the Russian capital. It is a pity that we were not able to have our meeting, but I hope we will be able to talk during one of your upcoming visits to Russia.

Yours sincerely, V. Putin

The email from Emin was copied to Paula Shugart (president of the Miss Universe pageant) and Rob Goldstone.

Two days earlier, Don Jr. emailed Agalarov to introduce himself, writing that he had spoken to his father about working with Agalarov’s family on building Trump Tower Moscow. He says Trump Sr. asked him to reach out to him and Aras Agalarov about moving forward on those plans.



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