Russian court orders removal of Semion Mogilevich information online

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Russia’s Kislovodsk city court rules in favor of banning all online access to information about Semion Mogilevich, his associate Sergei Mikhailov, and their ties to a Russian business.

The ruling forbids the distribution of and any references to:

  1. All public FBI documents about Semion Mogilevich
  2. Interpol’s announcement that Mogilevich was added to the most wanted list
  3. All information about Mogilevich’s criminal history
  4. All information about Sergei Mikhailov’s criminal history, including prison time
  5. Any mention of Mikhailov as a co-owner of the Mercator Holding company
  6. An Interpol “Millenium” report which named Stanislav Nikolaev as an associate of Mogilevich
  7. An Interpol report on the Solntsevo mafia group led by Mikhailov
  8. Related decisions by the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Arbitration Courts

We are talking about hundreds of sheets of official documents, which, by the will of the minister of Themis in the resort town, should be permanently removed from the Internet and destroyed at the slightest appearance. Thus, Stanislav Nikolaev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercator Holding LLC, decided to help clean up the Network from unpleasant information with his friends and business partners. This company is the largest supplier of cleaning equipment for billions of rubles for the Moscow government. Hundreds of sites and telegram channels, including Nezygar, were chosen as the sites for striking.

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The business, Mercator Holding LLC, which was founded by Mikhailov, has received possibly billions in funding from the Russian government.


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