Donald Trump tests positive for COVID-19, stays at Walter Reed Hospital

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Donald Trump and Melania Trump test positive for COVID-19.

The previous night ended with adviser Hope Hicks testing positive. Donald and Melania were tested and revealed the results just a couple hours later.

Less than 24 hours later, Donald Trump is airlifted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The official White House statement is that the trip is just a precaution, and Trump will work from the hospital. Over the next 48 hours, the story changes dramatically.

Trump is placed on at least three drugs usually given to patients when their condition is critical. He has to go on supplemental oxygen at least once. In videos posted to his Twitter, he clearly has trouble breathing.

After receiving conflicting stories from the White House and Trump’s primary physician admitting to lying to the public, the official message to the public becomes “Trump overcame coronavirus, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Trump returns to the White House the following Monday and struggles to breathe through a pre-planned photoshoot and media appearance.

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