FSB whistleblowers: The Russian government is controlled by the mafia

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Alexander Litvinenko, a high-ranking member of Russia’s FSB, reveals the truth about Russia’s political apparatus and government institutions.

Litvinenko calls a press conference at which he and other Kremlin agents — some disguised for protection — reveal two state secrets. The first is a plot by Litvinenko’s superiors to assassinate oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

The second secret Litvinenko drops is that the country is controlled by the Russian mafia. The roles of government, intelligence agencies, and organized crime are indistinguishable.

His boss, FSB Director Vladimir Putin, does not attend the press conference.

Litvinenko is arrested and flees Russia months later.

Multiple countries have already established that Semion Mogilevich, “the boss of all bosses,” is at the top of the Russian mafia and the transnational organized crime network that is infiltrating democracies around the world.

If Mogilevich controls organized crime and organized crime controls the Russian government…

When Vladimir Putin was first elected, this Don controlled the President of Russia. Litvinenko committed his life thereafter to bringing him down.

Citizen Journalists Consortium

Eight years later, in 2006, Litvinenko dies after being poisoned. Investigations outside of Russia conclude that now-President Vladimir Putin approved an operation to murder his former employee. In Russia, the government and media accuse Boris Berezovsky.

In an audio recording just months before his death, Litvinenko says that he has traced the beginning of Putin and Mogilevich’s relationship to 1993 or 1994. In March 1994, Putin was appointed as First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Saint Petersburg.

For context, Russia’s FSB is similar to the United States’ FBI.

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