Donald Trump pays $0 in income tax for fourth consecutive year

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Donald Trump pays no federal income tax for the fourth consecutive year.

While Mr. Trump crisscrossed the country in 2015 describing himself as uniquely qualified to be president because he was “really rich” and had “built a great company,” his accountants back in New York were busy putting the finishing touches on his 2014 tax return.

After tabulating all the profits and losses from Mr. Trump’s various endeavors on Form 1040, the accountants came to Line 56, where they had to enter the total income tax the candidate was required to pay. They needed space for only a single figure.


For Mr. Trump, that bottom line must have looked familiar. It was the fourth year in a row that he had not paid a penny of federal income taxes.

The New York Times

Note: Date selected randomly. We do not know the exact date Trump’s tax return was signed or filed.


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