Trump fires Cybersecurity Director for not supporting election fraud claims

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Donald Trump fires the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The director, Christopher Krebs, had disagreed with Trump’s claims that the election was stolen from him.

“The recent statement by Chris Krebs on the security of the 2020 Election was highly inaccurate,” Mr. Trump wrote a little after 7 p.m., “in that there were massive improprieties and fraud — including dead people voting, Poll Watchers not allowed into polling locations, ‘glitches’ in the voting machines which changed votes from Trump to Biden, late voting, and many more.” He said Mr. Krebs “has been terminated” as director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a post to which Mr. Trump himself had appointed him.

The New York Times

Krebs was not only responsible for securing the election but for protecting U.S. hospitals against a surge of cyberattacks from Russian hackers.

“Of all the things this president has done, this is the worst,” said Senator Angus King, independent of Maine, who led a commission on improving cyberdefenses. “To strike at the heart of the democratic system is beyond anything we have seen from any politician.”

He said Mr. Krebs was one of the most competent people he had met in the government. “In this administration, the surest way to get fired is to do your job,” Mr. King said.

The New York Times


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