Protests led by Don Jr, Ali Alexander, Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, and others sweep the country

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More “Stop The Steal” protests hit vote counting centers across the country, many of them organized by Ali Alexander with support from GOP propagandists and Council for National Policy members.

Charlie Kirk and Mike Cernovich lead Trump supporters in Arizona; Scott Presler and Jack Posobiec in Pennsylvania; and CJ Pearson, Daniel Bostic, and Kylie Jane Kremer in Georgia. This list is ripped from the Stop The Steal website.

Screenshot from Ali Alexander’s

Also in Georgia, possibly at a separately organized event, Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are joined by politicians. Vernon Jones tells Trump supporters to be ready “to start shooting.”

On Fox News, Donald Trump says votes for Biden are illegal. On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr. calls for “total war.”

In Pennsylvania, two armed men from Virginia are arrested while planning to attack a vote counting center.

Counter protests by Democrats also take place around the country.

Like Donald Trump said, riots and “total hell” will make America great again.

Protests continue for months, but Trump File does not intend to list every single one. For the best coverage of protests, please see the link below.

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