CNP List: Over 1,000 Past & Present Members of the Council for National Policy

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When subscribers to QAnon think of the “Deep State” or a shadow group of elites controlling the U.S. government, they might assume that group is full of Democrats and led by the boogeyman himself, George Soros. However, one of these real shadow groups includes figures they know and love: people like Charlie Kirk, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, and leaders of Stop The Steal and Women for Trump.

It’s called the Council for National Policy.

The Council for National Policy is a pro-corporate, anti-democracy Christian extremist group. Their goal isn’t exactly The Handmaid’s Tale, but it’s certainly closer to Margaret Atwood’s writings than to our current democracy.

The Council for National Policy was founded in 1981 by a group of televangelists, Western oligarchs, and Republican strategists to capitalize on Ronald Reagan’s electoral victory the previous year. From the beginning, its goals represented a convergence of the interests of these three groups: a retreat from advances in civil and political rights for women and minorities, tax cuts for the wealthy, and raw political power. Operating from the shadows, its member spent the next four decades courting, buying, and bullying fellow Republicans, gradually achieving what was in effect a leveraged buyout of the GOP.

Anne Nelson, The Washington Spectator

The CNP is filled with and funded by billionaire business owners, lawmakers, oil executives, big dairy executives, right-wing media figures, judges, government officials, and religious leaders. Its members control think tanks, national and international businesses, medical groups, pyramid schemes, public relations firms, radio shows, news sites, and churches all over the world. They operate in local, state, and federal government offices. Sometimes, they even work in the White House.

“Once you have groups of people who are sick with ‘the Midas disease’ and are competing over hoarding money, they are going to rig the system. Even though they are rivals amongst each other, they unite to rig the system to allow members of their networks, even rival members, to exploit these resources. Resources including human beings, human creativity, human labor, what have you… Their actions often have to do with bending or repurposing or even crippling state power, state functions, government agencies, and government institutions in ways that will benefit the network as a whole — or certain segments of the network — with the hope of returns sometime later.”

Sarah Chayes, expert on corruption

With all of that power, they have influenced GOP policies and messaging since the Reagan administration. They leave their prints on many of the wedge issues that politicians and influencers use to anger and distract Republican voters. Whether you’re hearing about the “war on Christmas,” climate change being a hoax, or Donald Trump secretly plotting to expose an elite pedophile ring, there are CNP members profiting or expecting to profit off the lies, outrage, or excitement. When prominent Christian voices say things like “Trump is the best thing since Jesus,” they don’t mean for Christians. They mean for the Council.

“It really represents what Jerry Falwell, an early founding member, called ‘the big guns’ of the Christian right. [They] set the battle lines, about 300 people who really comprise the entire leadership of the Christian right and the conservative movement in general. These people call themselves ‘grass tops leaders.’ They shepherd the Republican grassroots to the polls on election day, but they also kind of decide what the wedge issues are going to be and what the narrative is for the party.

Max Blumenthal

The Council is extremely secretive. They only meet a few times a year, and media is not allowed. When they do meet, members are joined by top government officials. In 2018, Nikki Haley, then-ambassador to the United Nations, spoke at a CNP meeting and told the Council about the time she threatened China with a military invasion. The move could have immediately resulted in China nuking the United States. The crowd laughed.

Before Donald Trump spoke at the last two Republican National Conventions, he read drafts of his speech to the Council for National Policy. When Trump told last year’s convention audience that China wanted Joe Biden to win the election, he did so with the Council’s blessing.

Despite the secrecy, CNP has a hard time stopping journalists and members from obtaining and leaking membership lists. These lists are available online, if you know where to look. Here I’ve compiled a list of 1,011 CNP members from 1981 through 2020. This list may include less than half of the members spanning CNP’s 40-year existence, but it’s 1,011 more members than the Council wants you to know about.

When you read the list, pay attention to the companies, too. Employees at some of these companies may not even know about the Council, but many of them work hand-in-hand with CNP. The Heritage Foundation is just one example of a separate organization operating as an arm of the Council. Mike Pence and Chad Wolf aren’t on the list below, but they are employed by The Heritage Foundation, and Pence met with the Council in November (source available at the end of this post).

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This post was published on February 14, 2021. It is dated for the year that CNP began. The purpose of this list is to make it easier to connect other posts on Trump File back to the Council for National Policy. Here’s a short guide to using the list yourself:

Names with a “*” are members who are known to be deceased. Others on this list have likely passed, as well. Most names have not been deeply researched.

Names in red are mentioned in other posts on Trump File. You can click them to open a new window with those posts. (Note: We’re still updating this list with member links).

On desktop, use CTRL+F and search “Trump” to quickly skip through the list and see just people associated with the Trump administration or Trump campaign.

About 20 people on this list are “ASSUMED MEMBERS.” They are not included in the “1,011” count. Their membership is not listed in CNP documents, but they appear on the Conservative Action Project website with many other CNP members. The Conservative Action Project is a CNP operation.


Jack Abramhoff
Founder, International Freedom Foundation (IFF)
IFF was a South Africa propaganda arm in the U.S.

Admitted to bribing at least a dozen members of Congress

* Frank Adams

J. Christian Adams
President & General Counsel, Public Interest Legal Foundation

Nick Adams
Founder & CEO, Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness
Advocate for Education That Increases Nationalism / American Exceptionalism

Robert Adams
Revive America USA and PAC
The PAC donated thousands to Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn, and Roy Moore

Steven H. Aden
Chief Legal Officer, Americans United for Life

Dr. Joe Aguillard
President, Louisiana College

Howard Ahmanson, Jr.
Invested in Dominion voting machine competitor ES&S
Co-Founder, Capital Commonwealth Group (CCG)
Co-Founder, Allied Business PAC

President, Fieldstead and Company
Former Board Member, Chalcedon Institute
Home Savings of America

Ali A. Akbar (Ali Alexander)
Stop The Steal Movement (Trump)
CEO, Vice and Victory Agency

Dr. Shawn D. Akers
Online Provost, Liberty University

* Barbara Alby
California Politician

Gary Aldrich
President & Founder, Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty
Former FBI Agent & Author of Bill Clinton Hit Piece

Mark Alexander
Publisher, The Federalist
Publisher, PatriotPost.US
Former national security official

Dr. Anthony W. Allen
President, Hannibal-LaGrange University

William T. Allen
Chairman of the Board, D. James Kennedy Ministries

Arthur “Art” D. Ally
Founder & President, Timothy Plan
Timothy Plan invests in “Biblically Responsible” companies

Robert Alt
President & CEO, The Buckeye Institute
Involved in Trump response to COVID-19

Tony Amaradio
Founder & Chief Strategist, Select Portfolio Management

Bailey A. Amaral
Director of Operations, The Windrose Project

* William Ames / Dr. William Ames Curtright
CEO, Ames Research Laboratories
Founder, Gathering of the Eagles

Peter M. Amundson Sr.
President, Minuteman Transport

Erin Anderson
Reporter, Texas Scorecard
Empower Texans

Thomas R. Anderson
Family Research Council
Probably @ThomasAnders55 on Twitter,
followed by other longtime CNP members

John K. Andrews, Jr.
Director, Centennial Institute
Contributing Writer to Local Outlets

Troy Andrews
CEO, Paradigm Midstream

Adam Andrzejewski
CEO & Founder,

R. Allen “Al” Angell
Board Member, First Liberty Institute
Board Member, Southern Bible Institute
Board Member, National Write Your Congressman

Dr. John F. Ankerberg
Founder & President, The John Ankerberg Show

President, Ankerberg Theological Research Institute

Michelle Ankerberg
VP of Public Relations, The John Ankerberg Show

Dr. Gary Annunziata
President & Co-Founder, Advanced Gastro Technologies

Philip F. Anschutz
Chairman & CEO, The Anschutz Corporation
Owner, Coachella / AEGLive
Owner, Washington Examiner
Billionaire invested in sports, entertainment, oil, and more
50th Richest Person in the U.S. (2020, Forbes)

Saulius “Saul” Anuzis
Conservative Action Project
President, 60 Plus Association

Former Chair, Michigan Republican Party

Guillermo J. Aragon
CFO, Martin Imaging
Conservative Action Project

Richard “Dick” K. Armey
Former U.S. Representative & House Majority Leader
Former Chairman, FreedomWorks
Helped organize a “defend liberty” march like the one on 1/6/2021

* Thomas K. Armstrong
President, The Armstrong Foundation

* Sen. William L. Armstrong
Former U.S. Representative & U.S. Senator
Former President, Colorado Christian University

Former Board of Directors, Campus Crusade for Christ
Former Board Member, Free Congress Research & Education Foundation
Former Advisory Board Member, Intercessors for America

Dr. Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College
Co-Founder, Claremont Institute
Trustee, The Heritage Foundation

* John M. Ashbrook
Former U.S. Representative from Ohio
Former Publisher, Johnstown Independent
Former Chairman, American Conservative Union
Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Young America’s Foundation / Young Americans for Freedom

John Ashcroft
Founder, The Ashcroft Foundation
Board Member, Academi (Blackwater)
Former U.S. Attorney General, G. W. Bush Administration

Former Missouri Governor
Father of Missouri State Sec. Jay Ashcroft

Edward G. Atsinger III
CEO, Salem Communications
Fired radio hosts for criticizing Trump
Co-Founder, Capital Commonwealth Group (CCG)
Co-Founder, Allied Business PAC

Founder, Sun Air Jets

* Marilyn Atwood
Atwood Foundation
Former aide to Alaskans in Congress
Daughter of Bob Atwood, credited for Alaska’s statehood

Deborah “Debbie” A. Ausburn
Attorney, Taylor English Duma
Board of Directors, Enduring Hearts
Youth Protection Advisor, Boy Scouts of America – Atlanta
Former Board of Directors, Hillside Inc.

Former Attorney for Tea Party Patriots

Dr. Erik D. Axene
Axene Health Partners
Envision Healthcare
Conservative Action Project


Charles Bacarisse
Houston Baptist University

Christopher Bachelder
Board of Trustees, Hillsdale College

Jim Backlin
Conservative Action Project
VP of Legislative Affairs, Christian Coalition of America

Lawson Bader
President, Donors Trust
President, Donors Capital Fund
Funneled millions to organizations that claimed Trump won in 2020 *

James Baehr
Special Assistant to Donald Trump
White House Office of Policy Development

General Counsel, Pelican Institute for Public Policy
President, Federalist Society – New Orleans Lawyers Chapter

Son of CNP member Ted Baehr

Robert G. Baehr
Director of Marketing and Sales, MovieGuide

Dr. Theodore “Ted” Baehr
President & Editor-In-Chief, MovieGuide
Chairman, Good News Communications
Founder & Chairman, Christian Film and Television Commission

Carole Baker

Joseph “Joe” Baker
Founder & CEO, Adventure Homes
Co-Founder & President, Save the Storks
Co-Founder, Adopt A Love Story

Ron Ball
President, Ron Ball Association
Choose Greatness America, A Heritage Foundation Partner

* William B. Ball
Attorney for the Board, International Christian Communications
General Counsel, Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

Founder, Ball, Skelly, Murren & Counsel

* William H. Ball, Jr.
Indiana Council on Foreign Relations
Board Member, Center for Scientific Creation
Owner, Embers Supper Club (Indiana)
Owner, Luciano’s (Chicago)

Michael “Mike” Baller
President, Baller & Co.
Also involved in Jesus Film Project, Alliance Defending Freedom, Country Network, American Family Association, Centennial Institute, Family Research Council, The Heritage Foundation, National Rifle Association (NRA), and many more.

* David Balsiger
VP of Marketing & Senior Producer, Grizzly Adams Productions
Produced and directed popular religious and GOP films

Diana Banister
V.P. and Partner, Shirley & Banister Public Affairs

Stephen “Steve” K. Bannon
Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, Trump Campaign

Jonathan M. Baron
Principal and Founder, Baron Public Affairs

Ellen L. Barrosse
Founder & CEO, Synchrogenix Information Strategies
Chairman of the Conservative Steering Committee at the RNC

David Barton

William G. Batchelder, III
Ohio House of Representatives

Gary L. Bauer
President, American Values
Conservative Action Project

Lee A. Beaman
Conservative Action Project
CEO, Beaman Ventures
Chairman & CEO, Beaman Automotive Group

Linda L. Bean
Owner & CEO, Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine
Owner, L.L. Bean, Inc.

Sterling Beard

Larry T. Beasley
CEO, The Washington Times

Tyler Becker

William J. Becker Jr.
President & CEO, Freedom X

* Danielle Beckett

John Beckett

* Roger L. Beckett
Exectuvie Director, Ashbrook Center, Ashland University

John C. Bedrosian
Chairman, Center for Urban Renewal and Education
Founder, Bedrosian Center

Judith “Judy” Bedrosian
Advisory Board Member, Center for Urban Renewal and Education
Former President, The League for Children

Dr. Bruce G. Bellamy
Medical Director, Saint Luke’s Physician Group

Seth D. Bellamy

Dale E. Bellis
Founder & President Emeritus, Liberty HealthShare

Kimberly Bellissimo
Founder & President, Base Connect
Founder & President, ForthRight Strategy

Kim C. Bengard
Founder, It Takes A Family Foundation

David Bereit
Founder & National Director, 40 Days for Life

Pastor Steve E. Berger
Founding Pastor, Grace Chapel Franklin
Conservative Action Project

Craig Bergman
President & CEO, Vortex Network
President & CEO, Liberty Coin Farms
President & CEO, Robert Morris Group

Ray Berryman

* Bob Billings

Dr. Wendell R. Bird
Senior Partner, Bird, Loechl, McCants & Holliday

Jerry Black
President, Legacy Planning Group

* Helen Blackwell

Kenneth “Ken” J. Blackwell
Former Ohio Secretary of State
Board Member, CNP Action
Senior Fellow, Freedom Research Council
Conservative Action Project

Morton C. Blackwell
Treasurer, CNP (2020)
Founder & President, Leadership Institute
Former Special Assistant to Ronald Reagan
CNP Executive Director, 1990-2000
Conservative Action Project

Paul Blair
President, Reclaiming America for Christ
Founder, Protect Life and Marriage Oklahoma

Alex Bloom

Mark Bloom
Founder & Owner, Ole Podner
Founder & Owner, TekGeologik

Co-Founder, Square Mile Energy, LLC

Elisabeth Boehm
Justice Fellowship

Peter Bohlinger
Managing Member, Pacific Apartment Homes
Board Member, Haiti Reform Foundation

Thomas A. Bolan

Paul Boller

John Bolton
U.S. National Security Advisor, Trump Administration
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

R. Wayne Bond
Partner, Taylor English Duma
Judge, Office of State Administrative Hearings, Georgia

Martha Boneta
Executive VP, Vote America First
President, Victory Coalition Strategies

Pat Boone

James “Jim” Bopp, Jr.
Founder, Bopp Law Firm
General Counsel, James Madison Center for Free Speech
General Counsel, National Right to Life Committee
Former Vice Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Michael Boren

Leigh Bortins
Founder, Classical Conversations

David Bossie
President, Citizens United
Trump Deputy Campaign Manager, 20
Original Head of Trump’s 2020 Election Lawsuits
Conservative Action Project

Faye Bott
Asst. to the President, Focus on the Family

Richard Rich” P. Bott, II
President & CEO, Bott Radio Network
Board of Directors, The Moody Center
Board of Directors, National Religious Broadcasters
Board of Directors, Far East Broadcasting Company

Richard “Dick” P. Bott, Sr.
Founder and Chairman, Bott Radio Network
Board of Directors, National Religious Broadcasters

Lynn Francis Bouchey

Rachel A. Bovard
Senior Director of Policy, Conservative Partnership Institute
Board Member, CNP Action

C. Phillip Bowen
CEO, In Touch Ministries

Dr. James Bowers

Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” G. Boykin
Executive VP, Family Research Council
Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence

U.S. Delta Force general depicted in movie ‘Black Hawk Down
Conservative Action Project

David Bozzell
President, ForAmerica
Conservative Action Project

L. Brent Bozell, III
Founder & President, Media Research Center
Father of Leo Brent Bozell IV, a Capitol rioter
Conservative Action Project

John C. Bradburne
Principal, Bradburne Consulting

Linda J. Bradley
Board Member, Illustra Media

Daniel Bradshaw
“Political Consultant”
Daniel’s Lawn Care

Lynn Bradshaw
Freedom Alliance

C. Linwood Bragan
Executive Director, CapStand Council for Policy and Ethics

Adam Brandon
President, FreedomWorks

* David W. Breese

Louis W. Bremer
Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management
Former Managing Director, Bain Capital

Brad R. Bright
President & CEO, Bright Media Foundation
National Director, Discover GOD
Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Former Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee

Katherine A. Bright
National Director, Discover God 4 Kids

* Vonette Bright

* Dr. William “Bill” Rohl Bright

Joseph A. Brinck
CEO, Stelter & Brinck

Elsa Prince Broekhuizen
Mother of Erik Prince and Trump Education Sec. Betsy DeVos
Anti-LGBTQ Rights Advocate
Chairman, EDP Management Company
Chairman, Lumir Corporation
Board Member, The Acton Institute
Former Board Member, Family Research Council
Also listed as Elsa Prince

Paul W. Brooks
Institute for Faith, Works, & Economics

Dr. Fletcher A. Brothers
Founder & Director, Freedom Village USA

Brian S. Brown
President, National Organization for Marriage

Floyd G. Brown
Founder & Former President, Citizens United
Former President, The Western Center for Journalism
Former Executive Director, Young America’s Foundation
Conservative Action Project

Kevin B. Brown
COO, The King’s College
Former President, Focus on the Family

J. Craig Brown, II
President & CEO, Christian Healthcare Ministries

Margaret Boyce Brown
Listed as Mrs. Spencer N. Brown, Sr.
Margaret C B & S Spencer N. Brown Foundation

Mary Beth Brown
Wife of Floyd G. Brown
Founder, Mothers Campaign
Board Member, Liftable Media

Olivia Brown
Regional Director, Trump Victory
Former Intern, MovieGuide (See Theodore Baehr)
Former Intern, Western Journal (Nepotism)
Former Intern, Liftable Media (Nepotism)
Former Intern, USA Radio Network

Patrick Brown
President & CEO, Liftable Media

Scott D. Brown
Senior VP, Morgan Stanley

Sam Brunelli

John G. Brunner
Young Americans for Liberty
Politician, Entrepreneur, Influencer

Benjamin W. Bull
General Counsel, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Executive Director, Global Alliance Defending Freedom

Bob Burckle
President, Eastern European Mission

* William H. Burgess

Steve Buri
President, Discovery Institute

* Dr. Larry Burkett

Colin Burkhalter
Partner, HSP Direct
Member, Knights of Columbus
Former Staffer to Rick Santorum

* John Burkhart

Dan Busby
President, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability


Bergundi Cain
President, Clear Lake Area Republicans

Briscoe R. Cain, III
Texas House of Representatives
President, The Cain Law Firm
Founding Member, Texas House Freedom Caucus
Senior Counsel, Fulton Strahan Law Group

* Herman Cain
Co-Chairman, Black Voices for Trump
President & CEO, T.H.E. New Voice

* Joe R. Calvert
President, Rabon-Calvert Interests

Dr. Ken W. Campbell
Tea Party California Caucus
Former Chairman, Tea Party Patriots
Managing Partner, Campbell Investment Partners

Don Campion
Founder & President, Banyan Air Service

Dr. Carlos Campo
Chair, Hispanic Education Alliance
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC)

Dr. Emir Caner
President, Truett-McConnell College

Jayne Cannava
V.P. of Legal and Gov’t Affairs, Injured Workers Pharmacy

Frank Cannon
President, American Principles Project

Gregory Capin
Partner, CapinCrouse LLP

Charles F. Capps
Co-Founder & Senior Developer, Synvisus

Lea Carawan
Executive Director, National Strategic Center
Executive Director, Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation
Co-Founder, LifeMatters International
Co-Founder, Carawan Global Group

Rolfe Carawan
National Liaison, Update America and Strategic Media 21

* Jim Carden

* Robert B. Carleson

Susan A. Carleson
Chairman & CEO, American Civil Rights Union

* Margo Carlisle

Bob Carlstrom
Conservative Action Project
President, AMAC Action

Benjamin “Ben” R. Case
CEO & Senior Counsel, Focused On Fundraising
President, Case Consulting Services
Member, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education
Conservative Action Project

Gregory S. Casey, Sr.
Former President, BIPAC

Samuel B. Casey
Managing Director & General Counsel, Jubilee Campaign-Law of Life Project

* Gerald Cassidy

Ileana Cataldo

Charles W. Cato, II
President, Vista Asset Management

Claire Cato

Michael Centanni
President, Century Data Systems Corporation

Jeremy Cerone
CEO, EliteSafe, a cybersecurity firm for Republicans
Owner, Post-Republic Strategies

Dr. Alejandro A. Chafuen
Managing Director, International Acton Institute

Gregory Logan Chafuen
Counsel, Center for Legislative Advocacy, Alliance Defending Freedom

Rob Chambers
Conservative Action Project
VP, AFA Action

Matthew Chancey

Joshua T. Charles
Research Fellow, Public Policy Institute of William Jessup University
Writer, Museum of the Bible

Joel M. Chernoff
CEO, Messianic Jewish Alliance in America (MJAA)
VP, International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA)
Board Chairman, Alliance for Israel Advocacy

Victoria D. Chism
Managing Director,

Dr. Mark Christian
Founder & President, Truth and Freedom Foundation
Founder & President, Global Faith Institute
Trump Campaign advisory team member, 2016

* Dr. Joseph Churba

Raija Churchill / Churchill Munk
Counsel, U.S. Senate

Spencer W. Churchill
Judicial Clerk, U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

* William H. Cies

Tyler S. Clarkson
Associate, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Dr. Dolly Clement
Executive Director, Robert W. Plaster Foundation

Clint E. Cline
President & Creative Director, Design4 Marketing Communications

Bruce W. Clingan
Retired, U.S. Navy

Stephen D. Clouse
Stephen D. Clouse & Associates

James “Jim” N. Clymer
Managing Partner, Clymer Musser & Samo
Founder, Constitutional Restoration Institute
Former National Chairman, Constitution Party National Committee

Victoria Cobb
President, Family Foundation of Virginia

Geneva Manuel Cole
Director of Membership, CNP

* Beverly Coleman

LaRue Coleman
CEO, JOBS Holding Company

David J. Colletti, Jr.
Co-Founder & CEO, Lionheart Apparel

John Commuta

* Guy Condon

Robert Cone

Chad Connelly
Founder & President, Faith Wins
Founder & Former President, Foundation for American Restoration
Former Director, Faith Engagement Initiative, Republican National Committee
Conservative Action Project

* Michelle Connelly

Ward Connerly

Kellyanne Conway
Trump Campaign, Trump Administration
President & CEO, The Polling Company / WomanTrend

* Pat Cook

Peter Cook

Charles “Chuck” J. Cooper
Founding Member & Chairman, Cooper & Kirk, PLLC
Asst. Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel, Reagan Administration

H. Scott Cooper
Executive Director, High Frontier

* Holland “Holly” Coors

Jeffrey H. Coors
Vice Chairman, Fiskeby Holdings US

* Joseph Coors

CharlesCharlie” L. Copeland
President & CEO, Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Former Delaware Senator

* Milt Copulos

Anne (Schlafly) Cori
Chairman, Eagle Forum
Daughter of CNP Member Phyllis Schlafly

Tom Cori
Board Member, Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation
Board Member, Schaeffer Oil

Ed Corrigan
President, Conservative Partnership Institute
Former V.P. for Policy Promotion at The Heritage Foundation
Conservative Action Project

Dr. Jerome R. Corsi
Founder & CEO,
Worked w/ Roger Stone & WikiLeaks, 2016
QAnon Propagator

Alexander “Alex” Cortes
V.P. of Content Development, APR
Former Executive Director, Let Freedom Ring USA
Co-Founder of, Obama Conspiracy Site

* Dr. Madeleine Cosman

John M. Cragg
Executive Director, Long Island Youth Mentoring

Clara Crane
Private Tutor & Nanny
Married to Casimer Crane, RBC Wealth Management

William L. Creedon
Senior V.P. of Investments & Portfolio Manager, Raymond James

T. Kenneth “Ken” Cribb, Jr.
Senior Executive & Former President (2004-2007), CNP
President Emeritus, Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Board Member, The Federalist Society
Asst. to Ronald Reagan on Domestic Affairs

Darcy P. Crisp
Tea Party Patriots

Michael G. Crofton
President & CEO,The Philadelphia Trust Company

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse
Executive Director, Beverly LaHaye Institute
Executive Director, World Congress of Families IX

* Mary C. Crowley

Andrew J. Cuff
Co-Founder, Euro Home Ed

Chris Cupit
President, Campaign Marketing Strategies

James “Jim” Czirr
Founder & Board Member, Galectin Therapeutics
Co-Founder & Managing Director, 10 X Capital Management


Brad Dacus
Founder & President, Pacific Justice Institute
The Dacus Report

Bill Dallas
CEO, United In Purpose

Kay R. Daly
Conservative Action Project
President, Coalition for a Fair Judiciary

Craig R. Dance
President & CEO, Champion Coach

Justin Danhof
General Counsel, National Center for Public Policy Research

Chris Daniel
Partner, Triton Consulting

Erik Daniels
Executive VP & Principal, Ronald Blue & Co.

Beverly Danielson

* J. Deering Danielson

Sen. William Dannemeyer

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List
Board Member, Alliance Defending Freedom
National Chairwoman, Donald Trump’s Pro-life Coalition

* Cari Darrah

Peggy Dau
Former Special Liaison, The Voice of the Martyrs

* Dr. C. Truman Davis

Cullen Davis
Founding Member, CNP
Kendavis Industries International
85+ other companies

* Karen Davis

J.P. De Gance
Founder & President, Communio

Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.
National Rifle Association (NRA)

Arnaud deBorchgrave

* Clarence Arch Decker

* Don DeFore

Tom D. DeLay
Former U.S. Representative
President, First Principles

* Gene DeMatteo

Jim DeMint
Chairman, Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI)
Former President, The Heritage Foundation
Former U.S. House Member from South Carolina
Conservative Action Project

Diana D. Denman
President, Reagan Legacy Forum
President, Denman & Associates

* Leroy G. Denman, Jr.

* Jeremiah Denton
U.S. Senator

Ariel A. Deval
Civil Engineer, Barron, Stark and Swift Consulting Engineers

* Helen DeVos

* Richard “Rich” DeVos
Former President (1986-88, 1990-93), CNP
Former Owner, Orlando Magic
Co-Founder, Amway
Father-in-Law of Betsy DeVos

Tom DeWeese
President, American Policy Center
Conservative Action Project

Andrew Dexter
Executive VP, Todd Dexter & Associates

Penna Dexter
Co-Host, Point of View (Radio Show)
Conservative Action Project
Wife of Todd Dexter

Todd Dexter
Board Member, LeaderWorks
President & CEO, Todd Dexter & Associates
Former President, KMA Direct Communications
Former Developing Director, Christian Broadcasting Network

Daniel P. Diaz
Field Agent, Knights of Columbus

* Rev. Peter E. Dingeldey

Dick Dingham

Dr. James C. Dobson
Founding Member, CNP
Founder, Focus on the Family
Founder & President, Family Talk
Founder & President, James Dobson Family Institute

* John T. “Terry” Dolan

David Donaldson
Co-Founder, CauseFirst

Elaine Donnelly
Conservative Action Project
President, Center for Military Readiness

Timothy E. Donner
Founder & President, One Generation Away
Married to Editor-In-Chief

Andrew C. Drexel

Ann L. Drexel
Conservative Activist

Pierre du Pont

Vivan Noble DuBose
President & CEO, Noble Properties

Joshua Duggar
Executive Director, FRC Action

Arthur M. Dula

Kassie Dulin
Director of Legal Communications, First Liberty Institute

Becky Norton Dunlop
Senior Executive & Former President (2007-2011), CNP
Distinguished Fellow, The Heritage Foundation
Former Deputy Assistant to Ronald Reagan
Board Member, Association of American Educators
Board Member, Virginia Institute for Public Policy
Board Member, American Conservative Union

Conservative Action Project

David A. Durell
Chairman & President, George Edward Durell Foundation

Alan P. Dye
Partner, Webster, Chamberlain & Bean


* John East
Former U.S. Senator

Michelle Easton
Conservative Action Project
President, Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women

Bruce Eberle
Chairman of the Board, Eberle Communications Group

Tim G. Echols
Public Service Commissioner, State of Georgia

Nicholas Eicher

Dr. Kirk Elliot
CEO, Elliott Global
Senior Investment Advisor, McAlvany Financial

* Thomas “Tom” Ellis
Former President (1982-1983), CNP

Melissa Emery
Founder & Partner, Viewfinder Research and Consulting

Karen S. England
Executive Director, Nevada Family Alliance
Executive Director, Capitol Resource Institute
Conservative Action Project

Trent England
Executive Director, Save Our States
Executive VP, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Former Legal Policy Analyst, The Heritage Foundation
Former Executive Vice President, Freedom Foundation

Andy English

Paavo Ensio
Chairman, Universal Minerals Group
Conservative Action Project

Nancy Epperson
President, Delmarva Education Association
Former Board Member, Free Congress Foundation

– Wife of Stuart Epperson –

Stuart W. Epperson
Former President, CNP
Chairman of the Board, Salem Media Group, the fifth-largest radio broadcaster in the U.S. and home to Sebastian Gorka, Dennis Prager, and other right-wing media personalities

Stuart “Stu” Epperson, Jr.
President, Truth Broadcasting

Scott G. Erickson
President & Executive Director, Americans in Support of Law Enforcement
Officer, San Jose Police Department

Tricia Erickson
President & Owner, Angel Pictures & Publicity

Jon Erwin
Eventure Entertainment

Olivia C. Eudaly
Senior VP for Ext. Relations, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America


* Dr. Jerry Falwell (Sr.)

Joseph F. Farah
Founder, CEO, and Editor, WND

Justin Fareed
President, Pro Band Sports Industries

Dr. Michael P. Farris
President & CEO, Alliance Defending Freedom
Founder, Patrick Henry College
Founder, Home School Legal Defense Association

William J. Federer
President, Amerisearch

Dr. Seymour H. Fein
Managing Partner, CNF Pharma

* Gregory L. Feste

Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr.
Founder, The Heritage Foundation

Jay Fields
General Partner, Rosewood Capital Management

John Fields
Former Personal Assistant, Judge Paul Pressler

William A. Fields
Ohio State Bar Association

Father Charles Fiore

Robert Keith Fischer
President, Fischer Furniture
Meeting Coordinator, Conservatives of Faith
Conservative Action Project

J. Herbert Fisher, Jr.
Founder & President, Fisher Companies

Thomas “Tom” Fitton
President, Judicial Watch
President, Coalitions for America
Conservative Action Project

Mark J. Fitzgibbons
President of Corp. Affairs, American Target Advertising

Paul A. Fitzpatrick
VP for Strategic Initiatives, Family Research Council

Kathleen B. Flynn
CEO, Bell Enterprises

Steve Forbes
Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, Forbes

Catherine Glenn Foster
President & CEO, Americans United for Life
Former Litigation Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

Sherri D. Francescon
Managing Director, CNP Action
Special Projects Manager, CNP

* Ann W. Frazier

Gary D. Frazier
Founder & President, Discovery Missions International
Executive VP, United in Purpose

Jeffrey M. Frederick
Gen-X Strategies
Former Virginia House Member

Kevin D. Freeman
CEO, Freeman Global Holdings
Host, Economic War Room on CRTV
Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy
Former Public Policy Expert, The Heritage Foundation
Founder, National Security Investment Consultant Institute

Conservative Action Project

* Sue Freeman

Dr. Stephen Freifeld
Listed Under ‘Foreign Policy’ on CNP Documents

Foster Friess
Former President (1997-1998), CNP
President, Friess Family Foundation

Stephen Friess
Trustee, Friess Family Foundation

* Marshall Fritz

Sandra S. Froman
Board Member & Former President, National Rifle Association (NRA)

* Jack Fuller


Brigitte Gabriel
Founder & Chairman, ACT for America

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
Founder, & Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy
Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist Pushing for War in Iran & Syria
Provided Trump with Fake Statistics to Support Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in 2016 Campaign

* Jared J. Gamble

Grace Garrett

Martin W. Garrick
Owner, Admiral Property Company

Willard Garvey

* Ellen St. John Garwood

* Edward L. Gaylord

Peter B. Gemma

Debora “Debbie” Georgatos
Prominent Texas Republican
Fox News Radio Political Analyst

Conservative Action Project

G. Eric Georgatos
Conservative Action Project
Executive Producer, America Can We Talk?

David B. George
CEO, AGI Industries

George H. Gersema
CEO, Employers Resource Management Company
Sponsor, Idaho Freedom Foundation

Garrett Gibson
Former Law Clerk, Texas Supreme Court

Associate Attorney, Wright & Close

Griffin Gibson

Jon K. Gibson
President, Jon Gibson Company
Former U.S. Air Force Pilot

Marylois Gibson
Consultant, Firm Foundations Romania
– Wife of Job Gibson –

George F. Gilder

James S. Gilmore, III
President & CEO, Free Congress Foundation

Dr. Duane Gish

Joshua P. Glacken
American Bible Society

Gina Gleason
Executive Director, Real Impact
Former Executive Director, Faith and Public Policy

Christie Glesener
Vice President, Paradigm Construction & Engineering
President & Co-Founder, Shofar International Foundation (Aid to Israel)

Kent J. Glesener
President, Paradigm Construction & Engineering
Co-Founder, Shofar International Foundation (Aid to Israel)

Conservative Action Project

Thomas “Tom” A. Glessner
Founder & President, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates
Board Member, Washington State Family Policy Institute
Board Member, National Religious Pro-Life Coalition

Rob Gluskin
Managing Partner, Gluskin Investment Partners
Conservative Action Project

Ronald P. Godwin

Tim Goeglein
VP for External and Government Relations, Focus on the Family

Hunter E. Gomez
Staff Assistant, CNP (2018)

Wesley A. Goodman
Managing Director, Conservative Action Project

Robert E. Gordon, Jr.
Strategic Outreach, The Heritage Foundation

Alan Gottlieb

Robbie Gowdey

Richard “Rick” W. Graber
President & CEO, The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Board Member, Kern Family Foundation
Former U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic

* J. Peter Grace

* Lt. General Daniel O. Graham

* Anthony Grampsas

Robert Grant

* Francis P. Graves, Jr.

John Graves
President, Vision America
Creator, 20:28 Pastors

Karladine & Wayne Graves
political activists

Dr. Clare L. Gray
Founder & President, Physicians for Reform

Michael W. Grebe
Former President & CEO, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

Amy D. Greene
Director of Programs, CNP

Mark E. Gregg
Founder, President, & CEO, KiwiEnergy

Joseph “Joe” R. Gregory
Managing Director, Kingsway
Owner, Gregory Management Company
Many positions in pharmaceutical companies

Ellen Grigsby
Director of Institutional Partnerships, Open Doors USA

Shannon L. Grove
California State Senator

* Darryl E. Gustafson


David M. Haas
Conservative Action Project

* Charlyne Haden

Rebecca Hagelin
CEO, United In Purpose
Conservative Action Project
Former VP, The Heritage Foundation
President & CEO, Rebecca Hagelin Communications and Marketing
Works with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, and others

Ted Haggard

* J. Evetts Haley

William K. Haller
CEO & Managing Partner, CapinCrouse

Millie Hallow
Vice Chairman, CPAC
Managing Director, National Rifle Association (NRA)
NRA liaison to The White House, Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, and more

Eric H. Halvorson
Dean, Trinity Law School

Dr. Michael Hamlet
Senior Paster, First Baptist Church of North Spartanburg

Dr. Gordon Handy

* Elizabeth M. Hanicke

Colin A. Hanna
President, Let Freedom Ring
President, Enduring Impact Productions
Contributor to The Washington Times, The Hill, National Review, and more

Conservative Action Project

Amapola Hansberger
Conservative Action Project
President, Legal Immigrants for America

James Hansberger
Co-Founder, Legal Immigrants for America

Nancy H. Hansen
Founder, Chairwoman, & CEO, Capstone Legacy Foundation
VP of Evangelical Relations, The Huston Foundation

* Hank Harkins

Anthony Harrigan

Ann Martin Harris
Co-Founder, Physician Staffing
– Also listed as Ann Martin Meyer –

Vincent R. Harris
Founder & CEO, Harris Media

Ken Harrison
CEO, WaterStone

Allen R. Hartman
CEO & Chairman, Hartman Income REIT Management

Margaret H. Hartshorn
Chair of the Board, Heartbeat International

K. Seamus Hasson
Founder & President Emeritus, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

Mary Margaret Hathway
Director of Conferences, CNP

* William R. Haughton

* Herbert “Preston” Hawkins
President, Herbert Hawkins Company

Kristan J. Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

Richard D. Hayes
Partner, Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant

Richard Headrick
CEO, The Headrick Companies

* Donna Hearne
CEO, The Constitutional Coalition
Former Reagan Administration DOE Official

Allen J. Hébert
Chairman, American-Chinese Fellowship of Houston
Former Oil & Gas Executive

* Clifford S. Heinz

* John H. Hekman

* Jesse Helms
Former U.S. Senator

* Richard E. Hendrix

Charles W. Herbster
Owner, Herbster Angus Farms

* Judy Herbster

Cathi Herrod
President, Center for Arizona Policy

Joshua Hershberger
Attorney, Castor & Hershberger

Thomas Hess

Jody Hice
U.S. Representative from Georgia

Heather R. Higgins
President, The Randolph Foundation
President & CEO, Independent Women’s Voice
Former Editorial Writer, The Wall Street Journal

Robert Hilarides
Owner & Operator, Hilarides Dairies

Rev. E.V. Hill

* James M. Hill Jr.

* Madeline Hill

Walter “Mike” B. Hill
Florida House of Representatives

George M. Hiller
President & CEO, George M. Hiller Companies
Founding Board Member, Kingdom Advisors

Joe Hilyard

Roland S. Hinz
President & Publisher, Hi-Torque Publishing Company
Co-Founder, Capital Commonwealth Group (CCG)
Co-Founder, Allied Business PAC

* Barbara S. Hodel

Donald P. Hodel
Former President (2002-2004), CNP
Chairman, Summit Power Group
Reagan Administration Energy Secretary & Interior Secretary

Rev. Melvin Hodges

David A. Hodson
COO & CFO, Because You Served

Jake M. Hoffman
President & CEO, Rally Forge

Valerie Foster Hoffman
Model, Photographer, Donor

Robert Holding

George Holland

Helen D. Holt
President, Summer Productions

John Holt

Diana L. Honsey
Director of Constituent Services, CNP

Eaton Hopkins
Founder & President, Liberty Surgical

Kielle C. Horton
President, The Lindsey Foundation
Conservative Action Project

Dr. Steven F. Hotze
Founder & CEO, Hotze Health & Wellness Center

Carol A. Houseal
Director of Communications, Padua Academy
Former Dir. of Communications, Intercollegiate Studies Institute
– Wife of Timothy Houseal –

Timothy “Tim” Jay Houseal
Attorney & Partner, Young, Conaway, Stargatt & Taylor
Counsel to Delaware Republican Party

Donald R. Howard, Ph.D.

Dr. John A. Howard

* Ron Huber

Ralph T. Hudgens
Commissioner of Insurance, State of Georgia
President, Hudgens Enterprises
President, Diamond Outdoor Inc.
Owner, Glenn Company
Former Georgia Senator

Suzanne M. Hudgens
President, Hudgens Enterprises
Board Member, Ten Commandments Georgia
– Wife of Ralph Hudgens –

Tim A. Huelskamp
Catholics for Trump
Former U.S. Representative
Senior Advisor, CatholicVote

Max Hugel

Donna Rice Hughes
CEO & President, Enough Is Enough
– Wife of John M. Hughes –

John “Jack” M. Hughes
Co-Founder & Principal, Phoenix Financial & Advisory Services
Principal Consultant, Atlus Associates
Vice President, Enough Is Enough

J.C. Huizenga
Chairman, Huizenga Group

Dr. John Hull
Global CEO, Crossroad Global Media Group
Former TV Minister

* Jaquelin H. Hume

Herbert William Hunt

Jeffrey “Jeff” G. Hunt
Director, Centennial Institute
Former Media Coordinator, Senate Republican Conference
Former Special Assistant to Senator Rick Santorum

* Mary Reilly Hunt

* Nelson Bunker Hunt
Former President (1983-1984), CNP

Kyle Huwa
Communications Director, Office of Congressman Ken Buck


Judy Ikard
Distributor, Proceller8 Nutritional Products

* Reed Irvine

Hon. Ernest J. Istook, Jr.
Former U.S. Congressman


E.W. Jackson, Sr.
Founder, STAND Foundation (
Founder, Exodus Faith Ministries International

Harry Jackson, Jr.
Founder & Chairman, High Impact Leadership Coalition

Jack C. Jackson
Former State Representative, Missouri

* Vivian M. Jackson

* Lorena Jaeb

Kay Cole James
President, The Heritage Foundation

Dr. Nora Janjan
Senior Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis

Gary Jarmin

Dr. M. Zudhi Jasser
Founder & President, American Islamic Forum for Democracy

Terry J. Jeffers

* Dr. Mildred Faye Jefferson

Douglas A. Jeffrey
VP for External Affairs, Hillsdale College
Former Executive VP, Claremont Institute

Terence Terry” P. Jeffrey
Editor-In-Chief, (Media Research Center)

Louis “Woody” Jenkins

Marc C. Johansen
VP of Satellites & Intelligence Program, Boeing

Darrel W. Johnson
President & Founder, Attic Corporation
Board Member, MovieGuide
VP, Zapata Farms

Fred M. Johnson
President & CEO, World-Wide Missions

Grace Johnson
VP & Co-Founder, Attic Corporation
Founder, Touch of Grace
Board Member, MovieGuid
– Wife of Darrel Johnson –

Dr. Jerry A. Johnson
Former President & CEO, National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)
Former President, Criswell College
Former Radio Show Host

Robert W. Johnson
CEO & Director, Sky Angel Holdings

Bob Jones III

Jason S. Jones
Founder & President, Human Rights Education and Relief Organization (HERO)

Jeff Jones
Senior Paster, Valley Family Church

Marion Jones

Adam Josefczyk
Co-Founder & President, Forge Leadership Network
Co-Founder, Ohio Conservative Review

Emily Joseph

Gabriel S. Joseph, III
Managing Director, Liftable Media / Firefly Engagement
President and CEO, ccAdvertising

Olivia Joseph

* Dr. Walter Judd

James F. Justiss


* Dr. C. L. Kay

Randy J. Keefe
Special Asst. to the Executive Director, CNP

David Keene
Opinion Editor, The Washington Times

Eamon Kelly
Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center
The Magdala Center of Israel

* Jack Kemp
U.S. Representative

* Dr. D. James Kennedy

Philip Kenner

Alan Keyes

Russell J. Kilpatrick
World Magazine
U.S. Air Force Veteran
Overseas Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine (UK)

Dr. Alveda C. King
Founder, King for America
Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn, Priests For Life

* Leroy King

Wade Kirby
Director of Development, Great Swamp Watershed Association
Senior Facilitator, The Alternative Board of North Central New Jersey

Co-Owner, Relatively Redeemable Productions

Charlie Kirk
Founder & President, Turning Point USA

Host, The Charlie Kirk Show

Albion W. Knight

Joe T. Knott, III
Managing Partner, Knott & Boyle
Assistant U.S. Attorney under Ronald Reagan
Former Chairman, American Foundations Super PAC

William R. Koenig
Founder and White House Correspondent, Koenig International News

Travis Korson
Senior VP, Madison Straegies
Principal, Millennial Strategy Group

Matthew “Matt” H. Krause
Texas House of Representatives
Co-Chair, Texas Prayer Caucus
Founding Member, Texas Freedom Caucus

Amy Kremer
Women for America First / Women for Trump
Former Chairman, Tea Party Express / Tea Party Patriots

Jayne Kresac
VP of Legal & Government Affairs, Injured Workers Pharmacy

Helen E. Krieble
President, The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation

* Dr. Robert H. Krieble

Arlene Krings
Owner, Fairway Designs

David Kullberg
Co-Founder, The America Conservancy
Co-Founder, Christians for a Sustainable Economy

Kelly Monroe Kullberg
President, Faith For Culture
Founding Coordinator, American Association of Evangelicals
Co-Founder & President, The America Conservancy
Founder, The Veritas Forum

Conservative Action Project

Michelle R. Kullberg
Art Director & Exec. Assistant, America Conservancy

Jon Kyl


Beverly LaHaye
Founder, Concerned Women for America

* Dr. Timothy “Tim” LaHaye
First President (1981-1982), CNP
Founder & President, Tim LaHaye Ministries

Joy Lamb
President & Founder, Lamb’s Books

Ovide Lamontagne
General Counsel, Americans United for Life

Dr. Richard Land
President, Southern Evangelical Seminary

George C. Landrith III
President & CEO, Frontiers of Freedom

Todd Landrum
Owner, Boeuf River Timber & Cattle Company

Wayne LaPierre
Executive VP & CEO, National Rifle Association (NRA)

Daniel Lapin
President, American Alliance of Jews & Christians

* Jeanne Larson

* Reed E. Larson

Daniel J. LaValley
LaValley, LaValley, Todak & Schaefer Co.

Bill Ledbetter
Senior Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church

* Jerome M. Ledzinski

Dr. Richard G. Lee
President, There’s Hope America

Willes K. Lee
Co-Chair, Trump-Pence Second Amendment Coalition
President, National Federation of Republican Assemblies
Board Member, National Rifle Association
Board Member, American Conservative Union Foundation

Founding Member, RNC Conservative Caucus
Conservative Action Project

Dr. Ernest LeFever

Grace LeFever

Lucy LeFever

Tim J. LeFever
Chairman of the Board, Capitol Resource Institute
CEO, LeFever Mattson Property Management
Board Member, YFC Foundation
Chair, Laurel Wreath Foundation

Dr. James R. Leininger
Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Kinetic Concepts

Jaci and Mark Leitgeb
Owner/Founder, Leitgeb Enterprises
Owner/Founder, Proceller8
AdvoCare International

Dr. John Lenczowski
Founder & President, Institute of World Politics
Top Soviet Affairs Adviser to Ronald Reagan

Helped Push Trump’s Anti-China Conspiracies

Leonard Leo
Chairman, CRC Advisors
Executive VP, The Federalist Society

Caroline Camden Lewis
Manager of Research, PhotonX Holdings
Former Director of Comms, Americans United for Life
Founder & Executive Director, Legalize Life International

Charlie Lewis
Founder & CEO, The Kingdom Group

J. Keet Lewis, III
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Lewis Group International
Board Member, Salem Media Group
Board Member, Bott Radio Network
Board Member, First Liberty Institute

Philip L. Liberatore
Founder & President, IRS Problem Solvers

Paul Liberman
Executive Director, Alliance for Israel Advocacy
Former President, Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA)
Former Executive Director, International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA)
VP & Owner, Yivneh-El Ltd. of Israel

* Susan Liberman

* Marvin Liebman

Dr. Thomas Lifson
Editor & Publisher, American Thinker

* Victor Lindsay

Joan Holt Lindsey
Founder & President, Lindsey Communications
Founder & President, Lindsey Foundation

Conservative Action Project

* Thomas F. Linnen

Earl Little
Board Member, Blue Learning Partners

Marc T Little
Chair, Board of Directors, Center for Urban Renewal and Education
Conservative Action Project

Rei Llazani
Founder & CEO, Requiren
Mentored by Somers H. White
, Former AZ State Senator

Nick H. Logan
Founder & CEO, Cornerstone Payment Systems

John Lofton

* Dr. Herbert I. London

Christopher Long
VP, Glenmede Trust Company
Managing Director, Sivercrest Asset Management Group
President, Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Randy M. Long
CEO, Long Business Advisors
Board Member, MovieGuide
Board Member, Good News Communications

Conservative Action Project

Trent Lott

Barry D. Loudermilk
U.S. House Member from Georgia

Gary Loveless
Founder & CEO, Square Mile Energy

* Edward “Ed” A. Lozick
Chairman of the Board, Swagelok Company

Ryan A. Luna

Christina Murphy Lusk
Conservative Action Project
Vice Chair, Campaign for the American Future

* James E. Lyon


Matthew Mackowiak
Founder & President, Potomac Strategy Group

Hugh O. Maclellan, Jr.
President & Executive Chairman, The Maclellan Foundation

Robert H. Maclellan
President, The Maclellan Foundation

Tim Macy
Co-Founder & Chairman, Gun Owners of America

* Marlin Maddoux

Nadine Maenza
Founding Executive Director, Patriot Voices

Dr. Wm. Scott Magill
Founding Executive Director, Veterans in Defense of Liberty

Marion (Mac) Magruder

Richard Manning
President, Americans for Limited Government
Conservative Action Project

* Sir David B. Manuel, Jr.

Dr. Sheldon “Shelli” E. Manuel
Founder, Harvest Projects International a.k.a. SING IT AMERICA

* Rev. Peter J. Marhall

Peter Marshall, Jr.

Connaught Marshner

Dr. Archer K. Martin
Mayo Clinic

David A. Martin
Former President & CEO, The Premium Group

Ed Martin
President, Phyllis Schaffly’s Eagle Forum Fund
Conservative Action Project

Haley E. Martin
President, The Martin Foundation
Conservative Action Project

James L. Martin
Founder & Chairman, 60 Plus Association
Conservative Action Project

Jenny Beth Martin
Secretary, CNP (2020)
Co-Founder & National Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots
Chairman, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
Conservative Action Project

Paul E. Martin
Partner, Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Martin

Dr. Rod D. Martin
Founder & CEO, The Martin Organization
Conservative Action Project

Sherri R. Martin
Conservative Action Project
Executive VP, The Martin Organization

Gary A. Marx
President, Madison Strategies
Senior Advisor, Judicial Crisis Network

Senior Advisor, Scott Walker’s Our American Survival Committee
Former VP, Century Strategies
Former Executive Director, Faith and Freedom Coalition
Former Senior Advisor to Marco Rubio for President

James Mather

* Pat Matrisciana

Bradley “Brad” J. Mattes
President & Former CEO, Life Issues Institute
Radio Show Host

Jeanneane Maxon
Former VP & Corporate Counsel, Americans United for Life

Colby M. May
Director & Senior Counsel, American Center for Law & Justice (D.C. Office)

Donald S. McAlvany

* Ed McAteer

Thomas E. McCabe
President, KMA/Pursuant

Daniel McCarthy
Co-Founder & CEO, Makeup Eraser
PC, Arizona Republican Party
CEO, Delex Realty

Norm McClelland

James McClure

Richard T. McCormack
Senior Adviser, Center for Strategic & International Studies

Jim McCotter

Derek A. McCoy, Jr
Executive VP, Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)

Brandon McCrary
Agent & Part Owner, Insurance Once

Rick McCrary
Partner, Insurance One Agency

* Larry P. McDonald

Tony McDonald
General Counsel, Empower Texans

Bob McEwen
Executive Director, CNP
President, CNP Action
Conservative Action Project

Robert A. McGuire III
Shareholder, McGuire Baines LLC

David McIntosh
President, Club for Growth
Partner, Mayer Brown LLP
Former U.S. Representative

* O. D. McKee

Carolyn D. Meadows
President, National Rifle Association (NRA)
American Conservative Union
NRA Foundation

Mark Meckler
Interim CEO, Parler
President, Convention of States Foundation
President, Convention of States Action

Edwin Meese III
Former President (1993-1997), CNP
Distinguished Fellow Emeritus, The Heritage Foundation
Former U.S. Attorney General & Other Offices in the Reagan Administration

Barry J. Meguiar
President, Meguiar’s Inc.
Founder & President, Revival Outside the Walls

Alexander Meluskey
Founder & Owner, Optimum Graphics USA

Major F. Andy Messing, Jr.

Ann Martin Meyer
Co-Founder, Physician Staffing
– Also listed as Ann Martin Harris –

Eugene B. Meyer
President, The Federalist Society

Mayes Middleton
President, Middleton Oil Company

James C. Miller, III
Former President (1998-2002), CNP
Senior Advisor, King & Spalding
Senior Advisor, Husch Blackwell
Budget Director, Ronald Reagan Administration

* Roger Milliken

William “Will” P. Mills, III
Real Estate & Energy Investor
Co-Creator, New Life Foundation
Co-Creator, Citizens for Quality Life
Louisiana Republican Party

Richard Miniter
CEO, American Media Institute

Tom Minnery
Senior VP for Gov’t & Public Policy, Focus on the Family

Dr. James V. Mischel, Sr.
Co-Founder & Chairman, Electric Mirror

James V. Mischel, Jr.
Co-Founder, President, & CEO, Electric Mirror

Chuck Missler

Cleta Mitchell
Partner, Foley & Lardner
Former Counsel, National Republican Senatorial Committee
Former Counsel, National Republican Congressional Committee
Former Member of Oklahoma House of Representatives

Lee Roy Mitchell
Founder, Chairman & Director, Cinemark Holdings

Dr. Shawn A. Mitchell
Conservative Action Project
Vice Chairman,
Former National Chaplain, National Federation of Republican Assemblies

Dr. Carl A. Moeller
President & Managing Partner, Sequoia Global Resources

Joseph Mohler

Barbara Monteith

Dr. Stanley Monteith

Gail Moore
Board Member, For Marriage Only
Resolution Writer, South Carolina Legislative Council
– Wife of E. Ray Moore –

E. Ray Moore
Founder & President, Exodus Mandate Project
Retired U.S. Army Reserve Chaplain

* Dr. Raymond S. Moore

Roy Stewart Moore
President Emeritus, Foundation for Moral Law
Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court

* Sam Moore
Former President (1984-1985), CNP
Retired CEO & Chairman, Thomas Nelson Publishers

Stephen Moore
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Peter Moorman
Associate Producer, MovieGuide Awards

Janet A. Morana
Executive Director, Priests for Life
Co-Founder, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

William D. Morgan
Chairman of the Board, Family Action Council of Tennessee

* Edwin A. Morris

Dr. Henry M. Morris

Malcolm S. Morris
Chairman Emeritus, Millennium Water Alliance
Vice Chairman, Stewart Information Services

Michele “Mica” C. Mosbacher
National Advisory Board, Trump Campaign (2020)
Former Honorary Consul General of Iceland for Central Texas

Seton Motley
Conservative Action Project
President, Less Government

Jay Mount
President, MDS Communications

Stephen D. Moxley
Senior VP, Fifth Third Bank

* Martha M. Mullin

Len Munsil
President, Arizona Christian University

William J. Murray
Chairman & Founder, Religious Freedom Coalition

Samuel J. Muscarella
Founder, M Group USA Solutions

Dr. Jeff Myers
President, Summit Ministries


* Richard Nadler

David Nammo
Executive Director & CEO, Christian Legal Society

Penny Y. Nance
President & CEO, Concerned Women for America

Douglas H. Napier
Senior VP of Alliance Relations, Alliance Defending Freedom

Mario Navarro da Costa
Washington Bureau Director, Tradition, Family and Property Inc.

Blake Neff

Lisa B. Nelson
CEO, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
Former Public Affairs Liaison for New Gingrich

Stephen C. Nelson
Former VP of Operations, POOLCORP

Tom Newell
President, Tom Newell LLC
Gov’t Affairs Director, Foundation for Government Accountability
Former Oklahoma State Representative

Daniel W. Newman
Partner, HomeVestors

Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue

Don Nickles

* Phil Nicolaides

Steve Noble
Host, Called2Action Today

Dr. David A. Noebel
President, Christian Anti-Communism Crusade

C. Preston Noell, III
President, Tradition, Family and Property Inc.
Conservative Action Project

Pat J. Nolan
Director, Center for Criminal Justice Reform
American Conservative Union Foundation

John H. Noonan
President & CEO, Argent Resources Corporation

JD Norman
Partner, Active Engagement

Rebecca Norman
VP of Client Services, The Richard Norman Company

Richard F. Norman
Founder & President, The Richard Norman Company
Founder & President, Robertson Mailing List
Founder & President, Active Engagement
Board Member, Youth for Tomorrow
Board Member, Virginia Institute for Public Policy

Grover G. Norquist
President, Americans for Tex Reform

Dr. Gary North

Lt. Col. Oliver North

L. Martin Nussbaum
Religious Institutions Group at Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie

R. Marc Nuttle
Chairman & CEO, Nuttle Holdings


* Ed Oats

Scott O’Donnell
Director of Business Development, The Richard Norman Company

James “Jim” J. O’Hickey
Independent Distributor, Zurvita International
Former Distributor, AdvoCare International
Former VP, Blair Television

Marvin Olasky

Daniel Oliver
Chairman, Education & Research Institute
Former Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission

* Mary Ellen Olnick

Sara M. Olson
Chief Advancement Officer, Concerned Women for America

Thomas Olson
Staff Assistant, CNP

Brendan O’Morchoe
Director of Strategic Alliances, Cornerstone Payment Systems
Former Executive Roles, Students for Life of America

* B.F. O’Neal, Jr.

* Anne O’Neill

William Owens
Founder & President, Coalition of African American Pastors
Chairman, Pastors for Education


* George P. Page

Randall S. Page
Chief of Staff, Bob Jones University

Linda Paine
President & Co-Founder, Election Integrity Project California

* Edgar E. Pankey

Oren Paris
President, Ecclesia College

John J. Park, Jr.
Jack Park Law
Counsel, Strickland Brockington Lewis

* J.A. “Jay” Parker

Star Parker
Trump Administration Policy Adviser
Founder & President, Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)

* Colleen G. Parro

William W. Pascoe, III
Partner, Antietam Communications

Neil S. Patel
Co-Founder, The Daily Caller (with Tucker Carlson)
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Bluebird Asset Management
Former Chief Policy Advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney

Kathleen A. Patten
President & CEO, American Target Advertising
Director, American Mailing List
Director, The Viguerie Company

Dorothy Kelley Patterson
Founding Board Member, Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
– Wife of Dr. Paige Patterson –

Dr. Paige Patterson
Global Theological Educator
Former President, Southern Baptist Convention & more

Frank A. Pavone
Conservative Action Project
National Director, Priests for Life
President, National Pro-Life Religious Council
Appointed by the Vatican to Pontifical Academy for Life and Pontifical Council for the Family

* Clarence M. Pendleton

Jamie R. Pennington
CEO, 333 Promises

Mitzi Perdue
Founder, Global Anti-Trafficking Auction

Tony Perkins
President, CNP (2018)
President, Family Research Council
Conservative Action Project
Former Louisiana Representative
Member, U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Trump Administration

Michael A. Peroutka
Partner, Peroutka & Peroutka
Co-Founder, Institute on the Constitution

* Robert “Bob” J. Perry

* Russell Perry

Pete N. Peterson
Dean & Senior Fellow, Pepperdine University School of Public Policy
Board Member, Public Policy Institute of California
Advisor, OpenGov

Augusta Petrone

James R. Pfaff

Bradford “Brad” L. Phillips
Founder & President, Persecution Project Foundation

* Gene Phillips

* Howard Phillips

Judson Phillips
Conservative Action Project
Founder, Tea Party Nation

Roxanne R. Phillips
Conservative Donor and Activist

Timothy R. Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Americans for Prosperity is a Koch brothers operation

Tom Phillips
VP, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Everett G. Piper
Former President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Founder, Josh McDowell Institute for Christian Thought & Apologetics
Founder, Booker T. Washington Institute for Conservative Black Solutions

Marci B. Piper
Director of University Relations, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
– Wife of Everett Piper –

Herman Pirchner, Jr.
Founding President, American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC)
Former Assistant / Adviser to Newt Gingrich, Roger Jepsen, and Chuck Grassley

Foreign Policy Adviser, Trump’s 2016 Transition Team
Ties to Perpetrators of Fascism in Ukraine

David F. Pittman Jr.
COO & CFO, Bennett International Group
President, Boy Scouts of America – Flint River District

William M. Polk

Judge Jim Powers
CEO & President, JL Powers & Associates

Dr. Aaron S. Poynton
Founder & CEO, Omnipoynt Solutions

Lawrence D. “Larry” Pratt

Judge Paul Pressler
Former President (1988-1990), CNP
Retired Justice, Texas Court of Appeals

Paul Pressler, IV
Founding Member, William F. Buckley Jr. Council, CNP

David Preston
Executive Director, Oklahoma Wesleyan University Foundation

James “Jim” S. Price
Retired Stockbroker

Reince Priebus
President & Chief Strategist, Michael Bsst & Friedrich
White House Chief of Staff, Trump Administration (2017)
Former Chair of the Republican National Committee

* Ed Prince

Elsa Prince
Mother of Erik Prince and Trump Education Sec. Betsy DeVos
Anti-LGBTQ Rights Advocate
Chairman, EDP Management Company
Chairman, Lumir Corporation
Board Member, The Acton Institute
Former Board Member, Family Research Council

Also listed as Elsa Prince Broekhuizen

Erik Prince
Blackwater USA / Academi

Pam Pryor
Partner, DC-London
Owner, Grazie

Steve Puckett, Sr.
Co-Founder & Chairman, US HIFU

Andrew C. Pulido
President, Humco

Gregory C. Pulido
Chairman of the Board & CEO, Humco

Penny Pullen
President, Life Advocacy Resource Project
Former Illinois State Representative
Former Member of Reagan’s Commission on HIV/AIDS
Former Member, National Council on Educational Research and Improvement

Justin Pulliam
Chairman, Texas Aggie Conservatives


Ann L. Quest
Founder, UnityQuest


Gerald Radtke
President, Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation

Russell J. Ramsland Jr.
President, Dinero Energy Corporation

Jason Rapert
Arkansas State Representative
Founder & President, Holy Ghost Ministries

George K. Rasley, Jr.
Conservative Action Project
Managing Editor, ConservativeHQ

Ralph A. Rebandt II
Lead Pastor, Oakland Hills Community Church
Board Member, Crime Prevention Advisory Committee
Chairman, CHEX

Robert “Bob” Reccord
Former CNP Executive Director (2010)
Former President, North American Mission Board
Total Life Impact Ministries

Dr. Ralph Reed, Jr.
Founder & Chairman, Faith & Freedom Coalition
Chairman & CEO, Century Strategies
Former Senior Advisor to Bush-Cheney Campaign (2000 & 2004)

Dran Reese
Founder & President, The Salt and Light Council
Wife of Dean Reese, CEO of Ready America

John E. Reese, III
Co-Founder, 14ALL Platform
Co-Founder, Common Sense Network

Jeff D. Reeter
Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual – Houston

Alfred S. Regnery
Chairman, Conservative Action Project
President, Republic Book Publishers / Regnery Publishing
Publisher of books by Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, others

Dr. Charles E. Rice

Heather Rice-Minus
VP of Government Affairs, Prison Fellowship

H.L. “Bill” Richardson

Rich Riddle

Timothy J. Riddle
Managing Partner & CEO, Chartwell Investment Partners

* Amy Ridenour

David A. Ridenour
President, National Center for Public Policy Research

Kevin J. Ritter
Co-Founder of Veritas Classical Academy

Khadine L. Ritter
Chairman, Eagle Forum of Ohio
Co-Founder, Veritas Classical Academy
Attorney, TheisenBrock

Conservative Action Project

William J. Rivers, III
Speechwriter, U.S. Department of Defense
Press Assistant, U.S. Senator Pat Toomey

Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson
Former President (1985-1986), CNP

James Robinson

Ronald “Ron” E. Robinson
President, Young America’s Foundation
Conservative Action Project

* Thomas A. Roe

Gavin Rollins
Keystone Heights, Florida City Council

Lori Roman
President, American Civil Rights Union
Founder & President,
Conservative Action Project

Nick Roos
Independent Distributor, AdvoCare International

Lila Rose
Founder & President,

Adam B. Ross
Chairman & CEO, Goldcrest Investments

Kathleen Teague Rothschild

Dr. Richard K. Rounsavelle
Trustee, Media Research Center
Conservative Action Project

Christopher “Chris” Ruddy
Founder, CEO, & President, Newsmax Media

Howard J. Ruff

Austin Ruse
President, Center for Family & Human Rights Institute

* Rev. R.J. Rushdoony

William Rusher

Jennifer A. Rutledge
Director of Finance & Administration, CNP


Lucy Sailer
Classical School Educator, Geneva School of Manhattan

* Henry Salvatori

Carla Sands
Chairman, Vintage Capital Group

Rick Santorum
Former U.S. Senator

R. Philip Sarnecki
Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

D. John Sauer
Partner, Clarke & Sauer

Charles R. Saulsbury, Sr.

* John B. Saunders

Richard Mellon Scaife

Dr. Rick W. Scarborough
President, Recover America Now
National Pastor Advisor, The Jonathan Project

D.C. Pastor, Skyline Church (for Government Officials)
Founder, Vision America & Vision America Action

Conservative Action Project

Matthew R. Schenk
Partner & President, HSP Direct

* Fred Schlafly

* Phyllis Schlafly
President, Eagle Forum

Ralph Schmidt
Founder, Schmidt Land and Cattle Company

Daniel “Dan” Schneider
Executive Director, American Conservative Union

William G. Schneider
Owner & President, Mister Ice of Indianapolis

Thomas J. Schrandt
Former Business Consultant, Clements Worldwide

Alex Schriver
Political Consultant

Clifton P. Schroeder
Attorney & Sole Owner, Law Offices of Clifton P. Schroeder

Frank Schubert
President, Mission: Public Affairs

* Carl L. Schuele

Thomas Schultz
American Federation for Children

Nancy Schulze
Founder, Republican Congressional Wives Speakers
Organizer, Women for Trump Bus Tour (North Carolina)

Contributor to The Washington Times & WND
Former Director of Celebrities for Dole/Kemp for President

* Michael Schwartz

Thomas Scott
President & COO, Sky Angel U.S.

John H. Scribante
CEO & Director, Orion Energy Systems

Lynda Scribante

Richard G. Scurry, Jr.
Co-Founder, Bible Literacy Project
Partner, Jefferson Financial Group

Alan E. Sears
President, CEO & General Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

Mary Seeley
Co-Owner, Seeley Collection of Presidential Christmas Memorabilia
President, A Presidential Christmas Corp.

Dr. Ronald “Ron” L. Seeley
Co-Owner, Seeley Collection of Presidential Christmas Memorabilia
Advisory Board Member, Christian Embassy in D.C.

Vicente L. Segu
CEO, Incluyendo Mexico Foundation
World Congress of Families

Dr. Jay A. Sekulow
Chief Counsel, American Center for Law & Justice
Trump Attorney

* Hans F. Sennholz

Beurt SerVaas

Diana Seutter
Member Services & Events Coordinator, CNP

Carrie Campbell Severino
President, Judicial Crisis Network

Kelly J. Shackelford
Vice President, CNP (2020)
President & CEO, Liberty Institute
Board of Trustees, U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society

Frank Shakespeare

Saurabh Sharma
Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas

Tracie Sharp
President, State Policy Network (SPN)
SPN has worked with the Koch brothers

* Rev. Louis “Lou” P. Sheldon

Paul Sherry
Co-Founder, Christian Employers Alliance
Co-Founder, Employee Benefits Consulting

Richard Shoff

Cherie Short
Multiple Positions, Concerned Women for America
Director of Ext. Affairs, Museum of the Bible

Robert J. Shreve
Chairman & CEO, Gulf South Business Systems & Consultants

John Shu
“Attorney & Legal Commentator”

Stephen Siao
Chief of Staff, Congressman Mark Greene

Neil Seifring
Vice President, Hilltop Advocacy

Abe Siemens
Private Consultant and Investment Manager

Terry A. Siemens
Conservative Activist

William S. Simon
Retired President & CEO, Walmart U.S.

Major General John K. Singlaub
Chairman, The Jedburgh Group

Robert Sirico
Co-Founder & President, Acton Institute

Orit Sklar

* Dr. W. Cleon Skousen

Dr. Mark Skousen
Editor-in-Chief, Forecasts & Strategies
Producer, FreedomFest

John J. Slavic
Founder & President, Slavic401k

Robert B. Sloan, Jr.
President, Houston Baptist University

* Albert L. Smith

Baker Armstrong Smith
Managing Director, BDO USA / BDO Consulting

Bradley “Brad” A. Smith
Founder & Chairman, Center for Competitive Politics
Founder & Chairman, Institute for Free Speech
Chairman, The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions
Chairman, 1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Eunie Smith
President Emeritus, Eagle Forum
Conservative Action Project

Gerard Smith
President & Co-Founder, Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS)

Jim R. Smith

* Dr. Lowell Smith

Mark A. Smith
President, Columbia International University

* Nora Smith

Robert T. Smith
CEO, Earthwise Ventures

Warren C. Smith
VP of Mission Advancement, Colson Center for Christian Worldview
Former Associate Publisher, WORLD Magazine

Allen Snyder
CEO, Aepona

Gerry Snyder

Christine Soule
Founder & CEO, Providence Heights

* Arthur W. Sour, Jr.

David Spady
President & Founder, River Public Affairs Group
President, Media and Public Affairs Strategy

* Betty Sparks

* Floyd L. Sparks

* Mike Spence
President, Conservative Republicans of California
Former Mayor, West Covina, California
Former Chief of Staff, California Republican Curt Hagman

* Gen. Berton E. Spivy Jr.

* LaNeil W. Spivy
Founder, Texas Eagle Forum

* Jeffrey St. John

Darla St. Martin
Co-Executive Director, National Right to Life Committee

Scott Stanley, Jr.

Todd Starnes
Former Host, Fox News Radio
Starnes Media Group

Grant Everett Starrett
VP & Special Counsel, Lion Real Estate Group
President, Tennesseans for Economic Opportunity

Christina M. Stauffer
Intern, CNP

Mathew “Matt” D. Staver
Founder & Chairman, Liberty Counsel
Founder & Chairman, Covenant Journey
Chairman, Christians in Defense of Israel
Plus: Liberty Relief International, National Hispanic Leadership Conference, Timothy Plan

R. Wayne Steiger
Founder, CEO, & President, FlowPay Corporation

John Stemberger
President & General Counsel, Florida Family Policy Council

Chuck Stetson
CEO, Essentials in Education

* Donald R. Stewart

Patti F. Stockman
Agency Records Officer, NASA
Member, Concerned Women for America

Steve Stockman
Former U.S. Representative
Managing Partner, Chasseur Wilshire
Convicted for Money Laundering, Commuted by Donald Trump

* Robert Waring Stoddard

Donald Stoner

John A. Stormer

Glenn P. Story
Co-Founder & CFO, Patriot Mobile
Conservative Action Project

Diane Stover
Co-Founder & President, Ohio Value Voters

George W. Strake, Jr.
President, Strake Foundation
Former Texas Secretary of State

Dr. Roy Stringfellow
Founder, Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology

Mark S. Stuhlreyer

Daniel Suhr
Chief of Staff, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

* Jerry Sullivan

Lt. General Gordon Sumner

John H. Sununu

Dr. Carol M. Swain
Founding Director, Carol Swain Foundation
Former Professor, Vanderbilt University

Douglas B. Swardstrom
Fieldstead & Co.

Dr. Donald W. Sweeting
President, Colorado Christian University

* Gaylord K. Swim

E.C. Sykes
Managing Director, Aslan Ventures
Former CEO, Black Box
Executive Director for Religious Liberties, Ted Cruz Campaign (2016)


Dr. Lewis Tambs

Randy J. Tate
Founder & Sole Principal, Tate Strategies
Former U.S. Representative

Helen Marie Taylor

* John Taylor

Marcia G. Taylor
Chairman & CEO, Bennett International Group
Conservative Action Project

* Stacy W. Taylor

Timothy Teepell
Partner, OnMessage Inc.

Eric Teetsel
Executive Director, Manhattan Declaration

Dr. Edward Teller

Dr. Paul S. Teller
Special Asst. to President Donald J. Trump
Director of Strategic Initiatives for V.P. Mike Pence
Former Chief of Staff, Sen. Ted Cruz

Former, U.S. House Republican Study Committee (RSC)

* Dr. John M. Templeton, Jr.
Chairman & President, John Templeton Foundation

Alan Terwilleger
President, Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Jordan D. Teti
Associate, O’Melveny & Myers

Dr. William Thierfelder
President, Belmont Abbey College

Joshua C. Thifault
Strategy Director, Turning Point USA

Jo Thoburn
Director, USACompete
Fairfax Christian School

* Robert Thoburn

Rosemary Thoburn

Peter J. Thomas
Conservative Action Project
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas
President, Liberty Consulting
Former Show Host, Daily Caller
Former “Senior Official,” The Heritage Foundation
Wife of U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas

Art Thompson

Michael “Mike” W. Thompson, Jr.
Secretary & Treasurer, CNP Action
Senior VP, CRC Advisors / CRC Public Relations
Previously worked with many other companies on this list

Ray F. Thompson
Founder, Semitool
Founder & Owner, Thompson Group
Board Member, WORLD Magazine

Tommy George Thompson
Former Secretary of Health & Human Services
Former Governor of Wisconsin

* James E. Thornton

Timothy Throckmorton
Midwest Director of Ministry, Family Research Council

Herbert “Herb” Titus

Alex Tokie
Staff Assistant, CNP

Mihai D. Toma
Founder & CEO, Black Mountain Investment Company
Founder & CEO, Toma Partners

David J. Toney
Admin Asst., Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

Mark D. Tooley
President, Institute on Religion and Democracy

Patrick A. Trueman
President & CEO, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
President & CEO, Morality in Media

David V. Trulio
Chief of Staff, Under Secretary of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense
Development Director for Federal/Civil Programs, Raytheon Company
Executive Director, Defense Policy Board, Trump Administration
Special Asst. to the President, George W. Bush Administration

John G. Trulio

Jane Tucker-Radley
New York Fashion Consultant


Lewis K. Uhler
President, National Tax Limitation Committee

Sherman E. Unkefer

Allen D. Unruh
Co-Founder, Make America Laugh Again
Co-Founder, National Abstinence Clearinghouse
Co-Founder, Alpha Center
Co-Founder, VirTru

Leslee J. Unruh
Co-Founder, National Abstinence Clearinghouse
Co-Founder, Alpha Center
Co-Founder, VirTru

George Uribe
President & CEO,

* Jon Basil Utley
Publisher, The American Conservative
Former Commentator, Voice of America
Worked w/ Atlas Network to create think tanks in Russia


Mike Valerio

Brandon R. Vallorani
Founder & CEO, Vallorani Estates
Founder & CEO, Romulus Marketing

Alexa Van Anne
International Program Coordinator, The Leadership Institute

Jenell Vandenbos
Board Member, Olive Crest
Board Member, Women’s Leadership Forum

Rod Vandenbos
Co-Founder & Director, R2 LLC
Founder & CEO, BuzzBox Beverages

Guy Vander Jagt

Ashley E. Vaughan
Junior Vice Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas

Mike Vaught
VP of Athletics, Grand Canyon University

* Dr. Balint Vazsonyi

Stephen J. Verleye
COO, Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Richard A. Viguerie
Co-Founder, CNP
Chairman, American Target Advertising

Elizabeth M. Viney
Attorney, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Trent Voigt

Christine de Vollmer

Mary Vought
Conservative Action Project

* George Vucanovich


Kristen K. Waggoner
General Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

Bridgett G. Wagner
VP of Policy Promotion, The Heritage Foundation

Dr. Kirsten Wagner
Trustee, Media Research Center

Dr. Graham Walker
President & Professor, Patrick Henry College

John D. Walker

* Robert S. Walker

Scott Walker
President, Young America’s Foundation
Former Governor of Wisconsin

William H. Wall
CEO, XP International

Elizabeth R. Waller
Research Fellow, Beverly LaHaye Institute

Jamie Waller
Founder, Cada Niño Guatemala

Jamie K. Waller, Jr.

Scott Walter
President, Capital Research Center
Special Assistant to the President, George W. Bush Administration

William “Bill” L. Walton
President, CNP (2020)
Donald J. Trump Presidential Transition Team
Managing Editor & Host, The Bill Walton Show
Chairman, Resolute Protector Foundation
Managing Partner, Rappahannock Ventures
Managing Partner, Rush River Entertainment

Former Chairman & CEO, Allied Capital
Conservative Action Project

Michael Y. Warder
Vice Chancellor, Pepperdine University

Clarence Mason Weaver
Mason Media Company

* Winston O. Weaver

Jeff Webb
Founder, Varsity Brands

Paul E. Weber
President & CEO, Family Policy Alliance
Former Executive, Alliance Defending Freedom

Dr. Timothy Webster
VP, Base Connect
Partner & CCO, ForthRight Strategy

C. Frederick Wehba, Sr.
Founder, The Wehba Foundation
Chairman, BentleyForbes

Mark Weimer
President, Strategic Media 21
President, Alleluu
Sponsor, Update America
Former President & CEO, Global Media Outreach

Craig Welch

* Robert E. Welch

Nicolas L. Wenker
Law Clerk, Senate Judiciary Committee

John V. Westberg
President, New Hope for America Foundation

Caroline Wetherington
Founder & President, Women for Trump Florida

Joyce Weyrich

* Paul M. Weyrich

Brandon H. Wheeler
Executive Director, Freedom Research Foundation

Jack Wheeler

* Dr. Elizabeth Whelan

James Whelan

Stephen T. Whelan
Partner, Blank Rome
Chairman, The Witherspoon Institute

Somers “Mr. DYNAMITE” White
“Youngest Bank President in America”
Former State Senator

Gevie S. White
President & Owner, GVSW

JC White
Ashton Management

Kathleen Hartnett White
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Somers H. White
Former Arizona State Senator
President, Marketing, Persuasion, Public Speaking, & CEO Coaching

John W. Whitehead

Joseph M. Wiegand
Vice Provost, Liberty University
Former Associate Dean for Internal Affairs, Liberty University School of Law
Former Associate VP, Academic Services, Truett-McConnell College

Rev. Donald Wildmon

Tim Wildmon
VP, American Family Association

* Barbara Willke

* Dr. John Willke

Christopher Williams
Managing Director, Trinity Equity Partners

Robert “Bob” L. Williamson
Founder, Chairman & CEO, Jesus Alliance
CEO, Honey Lake Plantation Resort & Spa

David H. Wills
President, The National Christian Foundation

Christopher S. Wilson
CEO, WPA Intelligence

Jerry C. Wilson
Former Owner, Titan Specialties

Clarke R. Wise
Director of Congressional Affairs, CNP Action
Membership Directory Coordinator, CNP

Gary Witherspoon
President, Copper Beech Capital

Michael P. Wolfe
Board of Trustees, Harris County Dept. of Education

Donald “Don” L. Woodsmall
Founder, Truth at Wake Forest
Board Member, Center for Security Policy

Dr. Frank Wright
President & CEO, D. James Kennedy Ministries
President & COO, Salem Media Group
President & CEO, National Religious Broadcasters

Richard H. Wright
Owner, R & S LLC
CEO, The Andy Andrews Group
Former CEO, AdvoCare International

Conservative Action Project

Debbie Wuthnow
President, iVoterGuide


Jeffrey Yager

Steven Yager
VP of Global Operations, InterNet Services

Brent Yates
President, Mid-Ohio Pipeline

Christopher Yep
President, CEO & Co-Owner, TRIUNE Health Group

David F. Yep
TRIUNE Health Group

Dr. Charmaine Yoest
VP, Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity
Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

President & CEO, Americans United for Life

Hannah Yoest


* Harry Bartell Zachry

Philip Zodhiates
Owner, Response Unlimited

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