Trump Campaign legal adviser: Amy Coney Barrett should give us the election

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Harmeet Dhillon, a Trump Campaign legal adviser, tells Fox Business that the election should be given to Donald Trump in the Supreme Court, if Justice Amy Coney Barrett does her job.

We’re waiting for the United States Supreme Court – of which the President has nominated three justices – to step in and do something. And hopefully Amy Coney Barrett will come through.

Harmeet Dhillon

Dhillon goes on to say that, of course, there’s no guarantee the Supreme Court will step in, but they’re counting on it.

Amy Coney Barrett, who has spent less time as a judge than a fast food worker would spend to qualify for a management position, was nominated to the Supreme Court in September. She was confirmed by a 52-48 vote on October 26 and sworn in hours later.

Justices Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett all worked on behalf of the George W. Bush campaign to convince the Supreme Court to name him the winner of the 2000 election.

Donald Trump has publicly stated he wants the Supreme Court to decide the election.


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