Jack Posobiec and Ali Alexander announce Stop The Steal 2020

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Jack Posobiec, a far-right social media personality and One America News correspondent, coincidentally tweets about “Stop The Steal 2020” the same day that Ali Alexander tells his Periscope audience that he’s building a digital campaign to “stop the steal.”

Alexander says he is compiling a database of Trump supporters he can dispatch to election offices to interfere in the ballot counting. He later releases a website and app to build that database.

In the coming days, we will launch an effort concentrating on the swing states, and we will map out where the votes are being counted and the secretary of states. We will map all of this out for everyone publicly and we will collect cell phone numbers so that way if you are within 100-mile radius of a bad secretary of state or someone who’s counting votes after the deadline or if there’s a federal court hearing, we will alert you of where to go.

Ali Alexander

Pro-Trump Facebook pages, possibly ran by Alexander or Posobiec or others involved, begin using the phrase “Stop The Steal” just hours later.

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