Trump buddy James O’Keefe offers $25,000 for proof of voter fraud – because they have none

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Background: James O’Keefe is a self-proclaimed activist behind Project Veritas, a propaganda machine disguised as investigative journalism. He’s also been on the Trump payroll since at least 2015. In 2019, Donald Trump asked a crowd to give him a standing ovation.

On November 9, James O’Keefe announces that Project Veritas will pay $25,000 for tips related to voter fraud, election officials, and post offices in Pennsylvania. That’s one of the states Donald Trump is targeting with lawsuits and allegations of misconduct.

If the Trump campaign and the RNC already have evidence of voter fraud, why would their disinformation agent be offering so much money for proof? And who is refunding him for the $25,000 if the cash reward is real?

Update: We later discover that O’Keefe’s $25,000 reward is offered just one day after a USPS worker admitted to lying for him in exchange for $130,000. How does O’Keefe pay his fake whistleblowers? GOP donations through GoFundMe.

In September, Project Veritas released a video claiming that Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota district was rigging the election. That was proven false.

After a research group determined the video was fake and that Project Veritas is nothing more than a business offering disinformation campaigns, O’Keefe made a half-hearted attempt to appear neutral. In October, he released a vague and heavily edited video claiming a Republican challenger to a House Democrat was attempting voter fraud. That also led nowhere.

The list goes on and on, all the way back to at least May of 2015 when the Trump Foundation randomly made a payment of $10,000 to O’Keefe. Over a year later, ahead of the third presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, O’Keefe released a video alleging that Clinton supporters were paid $1,500 to invade a Trump rally and physically assault his supporters.

We can guarantee Trump Foundation’s payment to O’Keefe wasn’t a charitable donation. Almost a year ago to this exact day, Donald Trump confessed to using the charity to bribe political candidates, to pay off debts, and for a variety of other illegal payments. A judge ordered him to pay $2 million.


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