Donald Trump: The United States won’t make it to 2104

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Sometime in or before September, exact date unknown, Donald Trump tells Playboy Magazine that he doesn’t think the United States as we know it will still exist in 100 years.

The interview appears in the October 2004 issue of the magazine.

Playboy: Do you think Trump Tower and your other buildings will bear your name a hundred years from now?

Trump: No, I don’t think so.

Playboy: Why?

Trump: I don’t think any building will be here—and unless we have some very smart people ruling it, the world will not be the same place in a hundred years. The weapons are too powerful, too strong. Access to the weapons is getting too easy, so I think the landscape we’re looking at will not be the same unless we get smart people in office quickly.

Playboy: That’s frightening.

Trump: You don’t agree?

Playboy: It’s just surprising coming from you. Your whole world is bricks and mortar.

Trump: …The world is rocky, and some terrible things are going to happen. That’s why I lead the life I do.

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Photo: David Rose for Playboy

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